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current thru 3/29/13


U-turn Rock Hoppers
FireFlies - Ultra Smalls - Smallest of the Small
Fish MackWhistles
Skirted Crankshafts - Need Any?
Eggs, Eyes, and Swivels
Day of the Zonker - Skirt Banded Trebles
1/5oz Armadillo seeking Angling Adventure!
Bullseye Bait Rigs - Walleye's will be watching
Eye Catchers and Crossin' the Border
Crawler Haulers - More Slow Death Rigs
Hunting Theme Cartridge Casing Spinners
Walleye Props - Slow Death Rigs with Intense Crawler Action
Mini-June Bug singles
Off the scales for Large Fish
Walleye Buzz
More Double Bites
Double Bite Skirted Armadillo's - Premium Spinner!
Spinner of the Week - June Bug Transformer
Chop Shop Spinners and Hair Ball Trebles
June Bug Skirted Armadillo Musky Spinner - Get one in the Water!
Spinner of the Week - 1/4oz Glass Armadillo
The June Bugs are Here
Ice Cubes and Thing-a-ma-jigs
Plenty of Pink
Fish Creek Models at a Glance
New Big Armadillo's
Hot Drop Powder coating technique
Depth Charge - Ice fishing design
Assorted Arrays - New Spinner Combo's
Fish Creek Spinners 2011 MVP's
Big Armadillo's in Glass
New 1/2oz Double Blade Bullet
New format in the Web Store
How to Powder Coat Spinner Components - Using a Powder Spray Gun
Dressing up Spinnerbaits - Transformers, Skirt Chasers and Leaders (duolocks and splitrings)
Fishing Spinner component counts - Noise on the Line - although this article didn't start our adventure, it fueled it.
Underwater Hydrophone spinner recordings - getting the hydrophone recordings launched supported my claim that more components meant more underwater noise and vibration. Things that fish notice, even though they don't have ears!
Painting Spinner components - give it a try, its supports your hobby and you'll get to solve some problems!
Tying Bucktails on Treble Hooks - another one of those!
Chasing Skirts - Muskie spinner skirts - very nice and well made silicon starflash skirts by our friends at


Designs and Models

Mini-Flasher concept spinner - Heliographic Fish Signals
The Armadillos! - Flagship model and outstanding spinner. Put a few in your tacklebox and give'em some time in the water!
Glow Spinners - new in 2011
Hula Spinners - new in 2011
Perch imitations and new harness choices - new in 2011
Zonker Spinnerbait hardware - Spinnerbaits deserve more time in the water. They catch trout and walleyes too!
Reduced Price Spinner Assortments - custom assortments are just a phone call or email away.
Sweet zonkers - more on our attraction to bending the rules and cross-over tackle!
Five new ways to catch a Walleye - added a couple harness hook choices
5 new ways to catch a Northern Pike - double blade bucktails
Big Spinner
Dare Devil wanna be's - my entries in a Spinner Swap
5 new ways to catch a Muskie - Spinnerbaits, Squid, and Dinnerbells
Archery Theme spinners - cut arrow shafts
Hunting Theme spinners - cordite scented spinners