Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Spinner Giveaways - 3 in a row

Here's the second giveaway this year. (North American only due to cost of International Postage)

The first drawings winner was a Facebook comment.

This weeks drawing is a 6 spinner assortment. Looks like

(left to right, top then bottom)
1/10oz Lime and Gold Small Armadillo, 1/4oz Red and Black Angle Iron, 1/8oz Red and Orange Swing blade Glass Armadillo
1/8oz White-Green-Silver Glass Armadillo, 1/10oz Crystal Hot Rod, 1/10oz Fluor Orange and Silver Small Armadillo

Feel free to share - the more entries, the more prizes.

Fish Creek Spinners March 2014 weekly drawing 1

As usual, Comment the blog post to enter - or Like the drawing post on Google+ or Facebook to enter. If you use Anonymous on the Blog post, leave an email so I can contact you.

I'll use messaging on Facebook and Google+. 

FYI, Facebook Fish Creek Spinners page doesn't let me Friend users, so I use my John Delaney id. which sends messages to the Other folder, where ever that is. 

I'm going to shorten the entry/turnaround period on these giveaways to a week vs a month and also shorten the interval to claim your spinners, should you win.

I'll do the drawing next Saturday and post the winner. The winner has 1 week to send me their mailing information,  else spinners go into a future drawing.

BTW, all Ultralite spinner prices have been chopped in March to $2.22 each.

There's also a Promo - ThinkFish - for 25% off all store items. Small spinners end up 3 for $5 - Flea Market prices!

Noise on the Line!


JM said...

Sign me up! I sat out last time since I won one a while back, but I'm feeling lucky again!

John Delaney said...

Put you on the list Josh! Getting a lot of Facebook FCS Page traffic (60), even a couple G+.