Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spinner of the Week - 1/12oz Nitro Mite

The Nitro Mite is a very nice ultralite fishing spinner with years of performance.

Did I mention I need to change that name?

Lots of color variations.

Small #1 Indiana blades (gold, nickel, and black). Glass and Plastic Bead accents. Silver or Gold plated brass Heishi beads. #10 treble hooks in the pictures, but hook choices available, including barbless.

Here's a some pictures and a couple links.

Nitromite Store Detail - check the Hydrophone Recordings

Nitro Mite Web Description page

Fish Creek Spinners Nitro Mite - Nice Ultralite fishing Spinner with years of performance

Fish Creek Spinners Ultralite Nitro Mites

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