Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fish Creek Spinners Weekly Spinner Drawing - 3/22/14

Here's the third giveaway this year. (North American only due to cost of International Postage)

Cody Elkinton (Facebook) won last weeks drawing.

The first drawing's winner was also a Facebook comment.

This weeks drawing is another 6 spinner assortment. Comment the blog post to enter. Anonymous entries need to add an email address to the comment. Else I cant track you down, should you win.

Using spreadsheet to track entries and assign numbers. Then to pick the winners number.

Fish Creek Spinners Weekly spinner Drawing Three Assortment
Looks like

Top Row left to right: 1/4oz Inline Aqua Silver Angle Iron, 1/5oz Red and Silver Metal Armadillo, 1/4oz Red Glass Propeller bait rig

Bottom Row left to right: 1/8oz Brown Glass Armadillo, 1/12oz Salt White Gold NitroMite, 1/5oz Transparent Yellow Metal Armadillo

Feel free to share the post, the more the merrier

Still about a week on the Ultralite special pricing ($2.22 each on around 200 spinners in 8 models)

and using the ThinkFish 25% discount, the small ones end up 3 for 5 bucks - a Great deal

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