Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fish Creek Spinners Weekly Spinner Drawing - 3/22/14

Here's the third giveaway this year. (North American only due to cost of International Postage)

Cody Elkinton (Facebook) won last weeks drawing.

The first drawing's winner was also a Facebook comment.

This weeks drawing is another 6 spinner assortment. Comment the blog post to enter. Anonymous entries need to add an email address to the comment. Else I cant track you down, should you win.

Using spreadsheet to track entries and assign numbers. Then to pick the winners number.

Fish Creek Spinners Weekly spinner Drawing Three Assortment
Looks like

Top Row left to right: 1/4oz Inline Aqua Silver Angle Iron, 1/5oz Red and Silver Metal Armadillo, 1/4oz Red Glass Propeller bait rig

Bottom Row left to right: 1/8oz Brown Glass Armadillo, 1/12oz Salt White Gold NitroMite, 1/5oz Transparent Yellow Metal Armadillo

Feel free to share the post, the more the merrier

Still about a week on the Ultralite special pricing ($2.22 each on around 200 spinners in 8 models)

and using the ThinkFish 25% discount, the small ones end up 3 for 5 bucks - a Great deal

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Spinner Giveaways - 3 in a row

Here's the second giveaway this year. (North American only due to cost of International Postage)

The first drawings winner was a Facebook comment.

This weeks drawing is a 6 spinner assortment. Looks like

(left to right, top then bottom)
1/10oz Lime and Gold Small Armadillo, 1/4oz Red and Black Angle Iron, 1/8oz Red and Orange Swing blade Glass Armadillo
1/8oz White-Green-Silver Glass Armadillo, 1/10oz Crystal Hot Rod, 1/10oz Fluor Orange and Silver Small Armadillo

Feel free to share - the more entries, the more prizes.

Fish Creek Spinners March 2014 weekly drawing 1

As usual, Comment the blog post to enter - or Like the drawing post on Google+ or Facebook to enter. If you use Anonymous on the Blog post, leave an email so I can contact you.

I'll use messaging on Facebook and Google+. 

FYI, Facebook Fish Creek Spinners page doesn't let me Friend users, so I use my John Delaney id. which sends messages to the Other folder, where ever that is. 

I'm going to shorten the entry/turnaround period on these giveaways to a week vs a month and also shorten the interval to claim your spinners, should you win.

I'll do the drawing next Saturday and post the winner. The winner has 1 week to send me their mailing information,  else spinners go into a future drawing.

BTW, all Ultralite spinner prices have been chopped in March to $2.22 each.

There's also a Promo - ThinkFish - for 25% off all store items. Small spinners end up 3 for $5 - Flea Market prices!

Noise on the Line!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reduced prices on all Ultralite Spinners through March

We need to thin out some of the smaller models, so now is a good time to buy some - Just Sayin!

$2.22 each - use the ThinkFish 25% discount and get them for 3 for $5 - Flea Market prices!

Each model's price has been reduced from around 3.25-3.50 to $2.22

Use the ThinkFish promo code at checkout and take another 25% off to get them for about 3 for $5

ThinkFish 25% discount is good for all products through March as well.

Need small spinners - March over to the webstore and pick some out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 2014 Promo code - ThinkFish - 25% discount

Use the March 2014 promotion code for 25% storewide discount - valid until 3/31/14.

Fish Creek Spinners Colorado Bass

Stop by and check out the new Hoochie colors on accessorized 1/4oz Angle Irons!

Fish Creek Spinners 1/4oz Angle Iron w/hoochie

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spinner of the Week - 1/12oz Nitro Mite

The Nitro Mite is a very nice ultralite fishing spinner with years of performance.

Did I mention I need to change that name?

Lots of color variations.

Small #1 Indiana blades (gold, nickel, and black). Glass and Plastic Bead accents. Silver or Gold plated brass Heishi beads. #10 treble hooks in the pictures, but hook choices available, including barbless.

Here's a some pictures and a couple links.

Nitromite Store Detail - check the Hydrophone Recordings

Nitro Mite Web Description page

Fish Creek Spinners Nitro Mite - Nice Ultralite fishing Spinner with years of performance

Fish Creek Spinners Ultralite Nitro Mites

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014 Fish Creek Spinners Spinner Drawing Results - 5 prizes of a dozen spinners.

This year's February drawing was kind of a test, to see who was looking. Facebook users were the bulk of the participants and winners as it turned out. There were 58 entries and 5 winners - Each getting assortments of 12 spinners. Not bad odds, if I say so myself.

I did learn a few things about posting drawings on Social media. More later.

I'm not sure what the problem was, but was returning browser errors. I ended up using a site called Research Ramdomizer to draw a set of 5 unique winners between Sequence 1 and 58.

Here's the entrant list and a drawing winner screenshot.

Fish Creek Spinners February 2014 Spinner Drawing Results

Here's that first group of spinners going to Winner 1 - Amber Mose (as yet to respond with mailing info)

February 2014 Spinner Drawing - Winner 1 Spinner Assortment 

Here's the spinner's for Winner 4, the first respondents batch. These are packed and will be in his mailbox later this week. Congrats Michael Richardson!

February 2014 Spinner Drawing - Winner 4 Spinner Assortment

Next batch ready to go - just need someone to give some shipping info!

Fish Creek Spinners February 2014 Spinner Drawing Assortment 3

Need any spinners? Great deals in the Web Store

So what did I learn?

Google Plus is mostly be a write-only Social Site. Nobodies reading it.

The post got about three blog response comments. That was less then expected, but I haven't been active on fishing forums this year (only so much time in a day) and blog traffic seems to be spammers that post viagra comments. Most Spam visits seem to be read-only.

Facebook got most traffic and response, which actually surprised me. I asked readers to comment and share to enter. I got a bunch of Likes, Shares, and Comments on the post. It turned out Facebook counts Shares, but doesn't list them. I had a share count of 30, but could only see 4 at a time. Facebook saying privacy setting were the cause. I noticed the list was truncating over time, which didn't seem to have much to do with privacy.

Another thing I noticed was that some Facebook readers just share everything, and looking at their news feeds was impossible due to the amount of traffic they posted.

 It's the nature of social I suppose, I posted a lot of subsequent posts myself. This ended up burying the post announcing the drawing and it's instructions.

After two weeks, all entry activity and shares stopped.

The takeaway and lesson learned from this, is that I'll need to adjust the period of time I keep a drawing active to avoid posts being lost in stacks of traffic.

Go figure.

Still a big turnout and look forward to another drawing!