Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spinner of the Week - 2/9/2014 - 1/5oz Glass Armadillo

Put one of these in your hand and you'll sense the luck.

Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Glass Armadillo fishing Spinners

The 1/5oz Armadillo uses larger faceted beads - 6mm and 8mm. These larger beads have a oily sheen and depth of color not found on the 1/8oz Armadillo spinners using 4mm and 6mm.

I'm very happy with this spinner, and love to make them.

This model has #5 Fluted Indian's and #6 treble hooks; either barbed or barbless.

A 1/5oz spinner just feels more substantial. Great for fishing larger streams, rivers, and lakes. It casts great and spins like a charm.

Twenty-four variations and hook options

A few more words and a link to the web store. There's a sweet discount that's active right now, until month end. Now's the time to get a few of these!

Put some in your hand and on your line!

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