Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Concept Jig - Ice Clips

I called my mom on her 83rd birthday a couple days ago and she told me she was getting ready to make some quilts, and needed some quilting gear; something sharp to get through layers of quilt.

Well, enough said. Started doing Amazon.com searches and before you knew it, I'd assembled a nice order of quilting supplies. Mostly safety pins, needles and a few other goodies.

Anyways, I came across these big safety pins called 'Blanket Pins', I guess for horse blankets and I started thinking I could make a spinner or fishing lure out of those... (I do this a lot).

3 to 4 inches in length. Loop up top for line knot, loop at the bottom for hook, open the clasp and string on some bait, or in my case components..

Well, I ordered some for mom for the heck of it, but then realized I could likely do a few bends and loops with the wire former too.

Here's a couple concept jigs for ice fishing. One weighs 1/16oz, the other larger one weighs in at 1/9oz

I'll need to clean them up some, maybe close the top loop with a twist or two, but they already look fishy to me. No blades on them yet. 

Think a hungry winter perch would be attracted to one of these? I could see opening one, adding some bait or baiting the treble hook and down it goes for a few bounces.

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