Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spinner of the Week 1/14/14 - Ultralite 1/30oz Fire Fly

Off to a fresh start for the new year with the best intentions and taking another shot at bringing back the spinner of the week posts.

That said, here's my vote for first Spinner of the Week choice on the third week of 2014... and since I'm the only one voting, there's nobody to blame but me.

This weeks choice is the ultralite 1/30oz Fire Fly - this one in Crystal Green.

The Fire Fly spinner is a sweet little unit, barely tipping the scale off zero. It's not for everyone, but has a sweet spot niche for those anglers fishing around and finding the time to wander off the main flow into those hidden and ignored tributaries that mostly get stepped across while fishing the larger flow waters.

Some of my 'best' discoveries ever - beaver ponds holding back runoff and containing flow, hold schools of brook trout and hungry cutthroat. To find them, you need to follow the small flows, sometimes for hours across false peaks and marshy wetlands. The fire fly fishes the waters before you get to the ponds.

Surrounded and sometimes covered by thick brush and undergrowth, or lost in marhy wet lands, but still enough flow to cut under banks and hide hungry colorful little fish.

Drop and drift fishing. Stealth fishing into pools the size of a toddlers swimming pool. Ultra-fun discoveries where the 1/8oz and 1/5oz spinners are to heavy and hard to control.

Anyway, you know where I'm talking about. Here's a few more colors to look at.

Fish Creek Spinners 1/30oz Blue and Silver Fire Fly

Fish Creek Spinners 1/30oz Brown and Gold Fire Fly

Fish Creek Spinners 1/30oz Silver and Silver Fire Fly

Fish Creek Spinners Red Orange and Gold Fire Fly

Eighteen variations to choose from and hook choice options including single hooks and barbless trebles

See the full set here 1/30oz Fire Flys

There's a few early season deals listed on home page News link popup, provided you have FCS popups enabled.

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