Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spinner of the week 1-29-14 - 1/8oz June Bug Transformer

These Spinners rock my boat!

They introduce a new blade, changed hook attachment, and new mainstream a new hook dressing -  the June Bug Blade; slip R bend hook attachment, and zonker strip banded trebles.

June bug blades are unique and different. They don't use a clevis, similar to an inline blade, but also have a secondary brace that provides two points of rotation on the wire. Two wear points on the wire, generate extra noise and vibration.

June Bug blades spin well at ultra-low speeds and give off a very consistent strobe-like flash as they rotate.

Pretty cool blade. They've been used on trolling cowbells for many years. I decided to try them on spinners, and now have 3 size variations available, plus a walleye version.

I first saw the slip R bend on a Blue Fox. This attachement fits will with zonker banded trebles, salmon lures, and any spinner that is fished in a variety of waters where regulations about barbed vs barbless are dealt with. The Transformer uses a big tail bead behind the blade. This bead has a large center hole, twice the diameter of the spinner wire.

Open slip R bend

Hook in R bend
Slip the end back into the Tail bead - Done

The extra space allows the spinners wire to be bent back (R bend) and slid back into the bead, leaving a loop for the hook. You can open and close the loop by sliding the bead forward or backward on the wire.

The nice thing with the June Bug blade, is that you can also spread the brace to take up slack on the wire. Just not too much in either direction , else it will bind or weaken the brass.

When the bead is slide forward, the loop opens to form the R and you can change out hooks, replace zonker colors.

Zonker banded trebles are another evolutionary break-through.

I started out using bucktails on the Tranformers and other spinners for dressed hook options.

Tying bucktail on treble hooks is kind of tedius. There's three sharp barbs to contend with doing your wraps. Get it about done and start half hitching and snap the thread breaks...You know the feeling.

We had been making zonker spinnerbaits for some time, tying the strips and wraping shoulders, made a nice looking spinnerbait.

Fish Creek Closed Loop 2+oz Zonker Spinnerbait
Other Spinnerbaits used the Silicon Starflash Skirts

Fish Creek Spinners Closed Loop Spinnerbait

Just a matter of time... 

A few years earlier, browsing through a Netcraft catalog, I found and bought Skirt Banding Tool. Never used it as I found a great wholesaler of banded skirts. 

Skirt banding tool

Looking at purchased banded Skirts,  skirt bands, and Zonker Strips, I dug out the Banding tool and got creative.

The result.....Zonker banded dressed hooks - now available as hook options. Fun choices!

Fish Creek Spinners Zonker Banded Treble hooks

There you have it, the spinner for this week and future fish pictures is the June Bug Transformer. Eighteen color variations and more dressed treble choices in the Other Category

Oh, the transformer part of the name references how it's look can change with a new banded treble or different hook type - barbed treble, Single, dressed barbed treble, dressed barbless treble, dressed Single, etc.

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