Thursday, January 23, 2014

Check out the New Revolver widgit!

You should see a mini-earth slowly revolving over to the left. If not, refresh the page.

The widgit loads each launch, but if you've cached NOTL blog in a prior visit, you may not initially see it.

While browsing blogger stats this morning, I saw visit stats from a trout blog in Poland -
 (Tom and Matt's Trout Travels) and decided to go take a look and immediately noticed my location spinning on this cool little javascript app.

It was tagged with a source, so I went and took a closer look. I really like it. The blogger stats don't show city, just country. Although not a pinpoint location, it's a far better look at location sensitive traffic.

Oh what the heck, I'll put the snippet in the post. This is the seasonal version, so it's showing some snow! Little red dots are prior visitors, and the expanding white circles should be where it thinks you're at, I guess interpreting the visits IP address.

A few more Revolver observations worth mention, Mouse down on the globe, you can stop or speed up rotation with horizontal drag. Vertical drag can give you a view from the north pole or change the angle to another perspective. Then here are all the little icons in lower left to tinker with. As admin, I can go to look at history countries with drill in to individual states, or regions.

I'm a happy camper and don't see a downside to it's use so far!


Daniel said...

I can see myself on the map! :D

John Delaney said...

Kind of cool, don't ya think? If you click on the earth, you can freeze it, spin it faster, backwards, or look down from the north pole. You cant get a south pole perspective. Screen Refresh, starts it over. Think it resets daily.

John Delaney said...

That you in Lemoore, CA? Just took a spin around the globe with you - Noise on the Line!

Daniel said...

That be me.