Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Walleye Crawler rigs

Here's a few pictures of some new smaller sized rigs. These are weighing in at 1/16oz.

What's different?

I used smaller components to reduce their weight; smaller diameter stainless wire, smaller prism eyes, High visibility (but lighter) plastic beads, smaller propellers or smaller June bug blades.

Another option is that the swivel attached Mustad Slow death twirler hook is on 11 inches of 8# mono. Other hook choices are available in the web store.

Back to the pictures. Two styles in this batch. One with the June Bug blade and the other with double propellers.

June Bug blade version

Double small propeller version

Sixteen color and blade variations with options on hook types.

11 inch slow death crawler rigs waiting for attachment

R bends waiting for swivels!

Plastic UV sensitive body beads in black light 

Six pack headed to an assortment offer

June bugs with faceted glass tail beads

June bug tail spinners

Double propeller models in a few fluorescent colors

Styrofoam leader wrap to wind and control mono for clam shell packaging
Here's the first batch with medium size components in the web store. There's still a smaller set of components to bring them into the 1/25oz range.

Got them being tested in South Dakota, will update the post after some pictures come back in!

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