Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Skirted Crankshafts - Need any?

Blame it on the Colorado sun, but a new 1 ounce spinner is in the chute and rearing to get in the water!

This one has a unique S clevis water chopper between the metal body and the starflash skirt. The Super Willow blade contacts and rotates this thing during rotation. Noise on the Line.

I actually bought these unusual S shaped clevises last year after seeing them at Worth's Inc. Then opt'd not to use them after a few tests.

I didn't have much luck balancing them with the spinners and blades I hoped to use, so they didn't fulfill their part of the bargain, and went into storage.

The nice thing about having lots of stuff, is every now and then an idea sprouts and needs some stuff - to give it traction. That was the case with the errant clevis.

The S clevis turned into a spinner crankshaft of sorts, lol.

Here's a few pictures.

1oz Perch Crankshaft
1oz Silver Streak Crankshaft

1oz John Deere crankshaft - this ones a B! 

More in the web store! Skirted Crankshafts Be the first to put one in your tackle box!


Peter Patenaude said...

Very nice- you must have a lot of fun building those fish catchers!

John Delaney said...

I do have fun, hence all the models and color choices!