Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fish MacWhistles - free with every cowbell!

New creation hot off the bench - calling them MacWhistles.

Fish Creek Spinners MacWhistle cable lure

These are .243 caliber cartridge casings strung on 35# cable - Cable Lures.

The casing is strung through the primer opening and its top rests on a nickel bead crimped inside it.

Another nickel bead is positioned inside the cartridges bullet neck to loosely center it. Bead is sized with enough slack to create a rattle against the brass neck, as it moves through the water.

An 8 inch 53 strand Silicon Starflash skirt on a skirt collar, and another nickel trailer bead, are slide up the cable and then crimped to position and stabilize the rattle bead inside the casing neck.

Why MacWhistle instead of MacRattle?

That's a good question.

I guess it's whistle because I remember using the shells as whistles as a kid.

Fish Creek Spinners Chartruese MacWhistle cable lure
Finished off with a couple prism eyes and a split ring attached #1 brass Treble, positioned to rest at break in skirt

Anyways, these are new and will be given away with every 32 inch trolling cowbell sold - through the end of April (Brass, Copper, Gold, Nickel) - metal rudder color choices in a drop down.

Why Mac?

Mackinaw Trout baby!

Mark my words, big Lakers are going love this baby - also big trout, maybe even Stripers.

Guess they should be MackWhistles.

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