Monday, March 18, 2013

Fire Fly ultra smalls - smallest of the smalls

I'm bringing back the Fire Fly spinner for the 2013 fishing season.

This spinner weighs in at barely .03 hundreths of an ounce. That's 1/30 ounce and tiny.

Use it when you find yourself fishing some tiny tributary - the one you can step across and only get one foot wet.

The dark water with the banks and overhead clogged with willows or elders.

The one nobody fishes.

We've all been to these places and have a hunch that no fishing pressure = plenty of fish.

This is the spinner for these places with limited casting distance, but current - babbling brooks.

Here's a few pictures and I'm done.

The blades are #1 Indiana's, a couple have #1 French blades.

Body beads for color are seed beads. The tail bead is a 4mm faceted glass bead.

#12 treble hooks, but choices are available.

Small streams - Trout and Panfish

Put on your Rambo mindset and do some bush-wacking!

Fire Fly Spinners

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