Wednesday, March 27, 2013

April 2013 - Fish Creek Spinners spinner drawing

Fish Creek Spinners April 2013 Spinner drawing

Here's the comment entrants. 

Using to pick one integer from 1 through 13, it came back with a 4. 

Congratulations Josh Mann!

Comment the blog post or order spinners online to enter the drawing for a chance to win a set of six Fish Creek Spinners fishing spinners.

This combo is six spinners. Three of the Smallest of the Small 1/30oz Fire Flies and three of the Coolest of Custom Cool  Eye Catcher Tail Spinners.

Anonymous entries need to provide a means to be tracked down should you win.. Forum and ID, Blog  name, etc.

Something that lets me contact you. Sometimes drawing prizes go unclaimed because I don't get a way to contact an Anonymous entry on winning.

We're all busy (especially this time of year, me included), and entrants may forget about the drawing or coming back to post to check if they won... not scolding - just sayin.

I feel bad about harping, so will add another set of spinners to this drawing, also going to start a second drawing - Deadends and U-turns.

Lots of my collector items (a.k.a unsavory creations), never pass the muster to get on the website - hence the Dead-ends and U-turns drawing - this could be an annual event!

Here's a picture of another choice six pack (winners choose one or the other)

Choice 2 -Eye Catcher Trebles and Single hook Small Armadillo's

Fish Creek Spinners April Spinner Drawing Choice 2 - 3 Treble Eye Catchers, 3  Single Hook Small Armadillo's

Choice 1 - 1/30oz Ultra-minis and Tail Spinners  

Fish Creek Spinners April 2013 Blog Drawing Choice 1 - 3 Tail Spinners & 3 Fire Flies

What makes the Tail spinners so cool? They're custom one of a kinds. Winners will be the only people on the planet fishing them in May. That's cool to me.

Aside from that, they have a heavy clevis double split ring attached single hook - a unique prism eye head bead and bead bodies - and finally, a ball bearing swivel - split ring attached #2 Colorado tail blade.

The offset single hook is double split ring attached. This, and how I threaded it, aligns it to face outward. The hooks are sized to avoid getting fouled in the tail blade.

Fish ought to be thinking WTF and nail these babies! 

Contest runs from now through April 2013. Reader comments, on this blog post and online customer orders, during this period, will participate in a drawing in early May. 

Each set of ten entrants will add another set of spinners to the drawing. The more entries, the more winners. 

That said, please share the post URL on your blog rolls, Google Plus, and Facebook pages, the more the merrier. 

If you order our spinners online, and comment the post -- guess what? You get two entries.

In May, I'll assemble the list of entrants, post an update and use to pick some winning numbers.

Good luck to all entrants - Noise on the Line!

Almost forgot - there's an active 25% storewide discount through April 15th - NOTLblog if you're inclined to order.


WDSTK3 said...

You create the most unique spinners! Enter me!

John Delaney said...

Done Howard! You ever twist up those June Bug Blades I sent you?

Peenoe Hunter said...

Will be trying the red and gold spinners Saturday for the SEPA opener The green and gold worked well last year!

Anonymous said...

~GoneFroggin from

John Delaney said...

Good Luck, GF!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, even if I don't win I have to get some of those tiny ones!!!

John Delaney said...

??? You're the Unknown Blogger? I thought I was!

Did you want in the drawing?

SEPA must be a clue, somewhere a round Phily? SEPA = SouthEast Pennsylvania? Still not a clue who you are though.

BTW, If you want in the drawing, I'll need more info in the comment to be able to contact you should you win.

Glad to hear from you and that the G&G worked! Metal or Glass?

John Delaney said...

Anonymous number 2, you have to put some info in the comment that lets me tell the difference between you and the other anonymous's.

first name@CityState works. Even better a forum and your ID

Something that lets me contact you. A lot of winners loose prizes because I don't get a way to contact them on winning.

JM said...

Sign me up John , I'm a big fan of your spinners :)

Anonymous said...

FCS, you make some neat and unique stuff. Looking forward to getting some of the stuff I just ordered wet. John, please enter me in the drawing for some of these cool lures.

ChrisNM -

Bonzy said...

John, you produce some of the best spinners I have ever used!! Not to mention the various contests and donations you sponsor over on


Bonzy from HPA

Peenoe Hunter said...

For some reason the account name is not coming up. Caught a couple of nice browns with the green and armadillo

Peenoe Hunter

John Delaney said...

Not sure what's up with that Account name problem.

Someone in New Mexico is having problems commenting the other drawing post too.

Spammers are hitting the blog pretty heavy lately.

Glad you got back in! recognize you from HPA now!

Anonymous said...

John..Im curious to see how your new spinners work with the hook on the top end. Even if i dont win i think i may have to place an order in near future.

alpine4d from HPA

John Delaney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Delaney said...

Hi 4D, I don't have those in the web store yet. But it's likely you'll do more fishing then catching on small fish. They'll be playing with the tail spinner.

I once built a spinner without a hook, just a big split ring at the end. I called it a fish xcersizer and played tag with them. Strikes n' Spares... It worked fine for teaching fish to strike, lol.

I'm thinking you'll catch the bigger trout with this design. I was selling a spinner I called the Manatee which was pretty much the same design with the hook on a clevis and a tail blade, but on that one, the hook was behind the spinner body. It caught fish fine. This one, I decided to try it farther up.

Anonymous said...

nice good walleye baits manleyfisher FE

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get my order I think I'm going to the derby at Los Vequros on Apr 20th lol you have some awsome spinners. I hope I win this derby too lol.... Sargon Milpitas, Ca

John Delaney said...

Sargon, Order will be there, no problem. Good luck in the derby!

Anonymous said...

I really like your product... it works weel up here in washington, i now need more time to fish.... see ya soon. jogart lidnin