Thursday, March 28, 2013

April 2013 Dead-ends and U-turns spinner drawing

April 2013 Dead-ends and U-turns spinner drawing

Here's a summary of the blogs comments and entrants - before I messed up the post doing this edit.

Used to pick an integer from 1 to 7, and it came back with a 2.

Once again, Congratulations Josh Mann! The Random website, likes you! 

As promised, here's another drawing running during April 2013.

This set of collector items (a.k.a - dead-ends and u-turns) are spinner designs created in a sizzling fit of passion (imagine a fire cracker).

Then left laying on the workbench when the sizzle turned to fizzle.

Started out Dudes, ended up duds.

Most get salvaged and go back in parts at the cost of a snipped wire. Others hang forgotten on the chicken wire 'wall of shame' (something to help me keep from doing that again, lol).

Unique and unusual for sure.

Anyways, here's the prize on this parallel drawing. Check the other drawing and choose to enter either, neither or both.

Caution - If you enter as an Anonymous comment - be sure put something that identifies you - like FirstName@CityState e.g. John@FrozenSneakersAlaska or a Forum and ID so I can use the comment.  Also come back and check if you won.

Hard to believe, but sometimes we get busy and forget about what happened a month ago. It happens and prizes don't get claimed.

Fish Creek Spinners Dead-end Drawing
Ah, the memories... Painted discs - PIA, Sleeve Spinners, Misc Inlines, Mini-Dinnerbells, Manatees, Odd Props,

Looks like 14 of those beauties.

Drawing runs in parallel to the other April 2013 six pack drawing. You don't have to order anything - but any April orders that comment, will also be in the drawings as two numbers.

Check them both out, enter either, neither or both. April orders that comment will be entered in them both.

Almost forgot - there's an active 25% storewide discount through April 15th - NOTLblog if you're inclined to order.


John Delaney said...

WDSTK3 - Throw me in this one too John! I must be goes on and it drags me kicking, biting,fighting and screaming right along with it!
Messed up something in draft - never tried the Re-vert to draft before.. Moving comments from prior post.

John Delaney said...

Josh Mann - Here's to a good year for FCS in 2013!

Messed up something in draft - never tried the Re-vert to draft before.. Moving comments from prior post into this one - it gets complicated.

John Delaney said...

testing Comment.. Heard something is broke?

Anonymous said...

test as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Good looking spinners manleyfisher FE

John Delaney said...

Adding ChrisNM - had a dup named drawing post and googles must be getting lost adding comments. Deleted the other post. Sorry for confusion.

Anonymous said...

Lookin good- SleepCrack FE

John Delaney said...

Entering a comment for Matt@FE on his behalf, something still flakey with this post. If others are having problems too, send me an email -