Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eggs, Eyes - and Swivels

Meaning to write a blog post... and in the spirit of a few Badlands photo's I found hiding in my stash, here's what I came up with.

First the photo's -

Dry Dirt
South Dakota Badlands National Park dirt
The potential of Dirt

Badlands layers - dirt and time - just add water
So in the spirit of endeavor - A + B = C - here's that post.

I bought the stick-on eyes and crane swivels from Hagen's and the wholesale beads from - three sizes of ovals (eggs) and about 10 colors of each.

Slow Death hooks from Shorty's.

Here's a taste of what they look like out of the box -

Oval flat glass beads 
Customer Rep at Mode Beads said she didn't know fishing was into fashion.  Just sayin.

Oh well, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fish Fashion.

I sure like to look at shiny stuff! Sure it's purdy, it's made from sand.

 I think it has to do with all the sun in Colorado, lol.

So, I've started to put a dent in the flat glass beads and prism eyes recently.

A dent means empty paper cards where there once were stick-on eyes. Empty strings where there once were strung beads. And sticky fingers and the smell of drying lacquer in the workshop.

Strings and paper cards
Bottom line?

The beads are sweet new components. Stick a couple of eyes on them, coat them with lacquer, and fashion takes a turn to fishy.

Oval Flat glass and lacquered stick on eyes
Next, got to tie some swivel rigs for the Mustad Slow Death hooks - yesterdays post.

Mustad Slow Death hooks on 8 inch swivel Walleye Rigs

I like the finished products and so does a guy in North Dakota

The South Dakota Walleye's already voted -

Decided on two models - one using the small ones for 1/16oz spinners

and another using the largest size for walleye propeller rigs. I need to get new pictures of the finished rig, made some changes, the link shows an older version.

Still waiting for inspiration on the medium size. Most likely I'll split the baby, going for two models - a larger spinner and a smaller rig.

Whew, let me publish this thing.

Time to get back to tying some work in progress Zonker spinnerbaits.

These going to a guy in Pennsylvania to be used on Canadian Pike in June. Going to tye a Perch pattern on the Yellow one.

The Main blades can be changed.

Added some stingers and extra blades to the order. I love my job, custom orders ROCK!

You might find better, but you won't get more time, energy or passion in your mailbox for some time!

Oh yeah, please feel free to comment, share on your fishing circles and communities, facebook groups and most certainly - blog rolls.

Just sayin.


WDSTK3 said...

John, you take fish fashion artistry to new heights!

John Delaney said...

Hey Howard - wondered what happened to you. Thought you were snowed in and eating Chili!

Then I started seeing some blog posts again.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Peter Patenaude said...

Very nice creations- they look like they will catch the fishermen just as well as the fish!

John Delaney said...

Hi Peter, the eyes turned out nice.

If it's got a hole in it, I'll try it out on a spinner, lol.

Check out the post about the 'so I bought some rocks'..

Mostly custom and online orders on the glass eye walleye rigs. Scheels in South Dakota is about the only retailer selling them so far.

Peter Patenaude said...

What month is it under?
Congrats on getting them into Scheels!

John Delaney said...

Hmmm, forgot viewers cant search and looks like my scheme to index the archive got back-burned around 11/2011. The tabs at top were intended to provide a map.. Anyway, here's the links - the post was back in Feb/12




John Delaney said...

A few links, if you've been here before, you may have seen them. I added your blog to the blog roll btw. We were in Maine last summer along the SE coast. Saw Acadia, Booth Bay, Belfast, Bar Harbor. Loved the place, but didn't see enough. Maine's a big State.

Peter Patenaude said...

Great- I will definitely check them out. (the rocks one does sound familiar)

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll- outdoor blogs are a great community.

Those are all beautiful places, and like you said, Maine takes a lifetime to explore. If you ever come back, feel free to contact me and I could give you some suggestions.