Sunday, February 24, 2013

A day for modified clinch knots

Spent the morning shoveling snow. We finally got about 8 inches of fresh snowfall and some wind today. Whenever a storm comes in against the Front Range from the East, it tends to stack up and keep falling. Two shovel passes over the driveway, before it slowed down

In any case, after that chore, I took a couple hours to tie a box full of Slow Death harness setups. These are about 8 inches long from swivel eye to hook eye and will be used on the Bullseye Walleye Crawler rigs.

I discovered a cardboard box corrugated edge makes a good hanger and organizer. I had been taping them to a piece of 8.5 x 11 computer paper, but made a stand that I can slip the box into and out of while I fill up both sides, sliding the hook barb down into the corrugated top edge.

Works great. 120 hooks per box. Slide a couple of rubber bands over the completed card, and move on to the next set!

Here's a few more pictures of work in progress and other tools.

Line spool and bobbin
3000 yards of 15# Excalibur Silver Thread on a spool made for batching line cutting.

The spool axle and bobbin are made from a camo arrow shaft, cut with a copper pipe cutter.

The bobbin that feeds and hold the line is just a skirt band pinched in a R bend of spinner wire. The rubber skirt band provides a little friction and works pretty good to keep the line positioned and tension under control - cut after cut.

I use the fly tying vice for holding the crane swivels and slow death hooks as wrapping the clinch knots on either end of the mono line.

Modified Clinch knot during wrap  - as line is looped back and finished - before cinching it tight. 

About 10 inches of line for an 8 inch rig - measured inside swivel eye to hook eye. That equates to about an inch of line in each clinch knot. Takes about a minute to tie both ends and rack'em!

Now to make some more prism eyes! These go on a flat glass bead and then get lacquered to finish them off.

Started getting some interest on the propeller rigs in both the Dakota's.

Bullseye. Look out Walleyes!

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