Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trip to Maine

Here's a few shots during a trip up the coast of Maine last summer. Flew into New Hampshire and drove Northeast. Overnights in a few of the B stops; Belfast, Boothbay, and Bar Harbor.

Belfast, Maine

Acadia National Park coast

Acadia coastline

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth, NH

Seaweed beds, Somewhere in Maine

Belfast, Maine

Belfast, Maine harbor shoreline

Bar Harbor, Maine shoreline

Bar Harbor shoreline

Acadia fog lifting


Peter Patenaude said...

I like the last picture a lot- Acadia is a nice place to be.

John Delaney said...

Yes it is, We only had a short stay in Bar Harbor area and most Acadia views were fogged in the day we visited. But fog broke and I got a few pictures making the loop.