Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fish Creek Spinners 2013 Early Season 30% discount code

It's time to jump start getting excited about this years fishing seasons!

Here's a 30% store wide discount code that's active until 3/13/13 - FCS1330

Don't forget to investigate the sleeper pages on the left (JuneBugs, Assortments, Trolling Cowbells, and Other). Always scroll down every page for hidden deals and special pricing!

Assortment example -

Fish Creek Spinners Assortments - by model or color variation

Here's some popular spinners for you to consider -

Small Spinners, Medium Spinners, Large Spinners, Walleye Rigs, and Spinnerbaits

Need some pictures?

Transformers - two sizes

1/8oz June Bug Transformer - 18 variations
Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz June Bug Transformer - Yellow and Brass
1/6oz June Bug Transformer - 22 variations

Fish Creek Spinners 1/18oz June Bug Transformer fishing spinner
Armadillo's - Lots of variety across several models

1/5oz Metal Armadillo - 24 variations
Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Metal Armadillo fishing spinner - Blue and Gold
1/8oz Glass Armadillos - 27 variations

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Black and Gold Glass Armadillo
1/5oz Glass Armadillo's - 24 variations
Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Glass Armadillo - Orange and Gold

Fish Creek Spinners 1/12oz Ultralite Nitromite - Fluorescent Green and Nickel
Hot Rods - 22 variations

Angle Irons - 28 variations

Fish Creek Spinners 1/4oz Inline Angle Iron fishing spinner - Green and Black
Fire Ants - 28 variations

Fish Creek Spinners 1/10oz Propeller Fire Ant fishing spinners - Black with Fluorescent Orange Propellers
QuadProps - 32 variations

Fish Creek Spinners 1/10oz Quad Prop Propeller fishing spinner  - Fluorescent Yellow and Gold
Large Spinners - 1oz, 2+oz, 3oz (Scroll down to view all model choices)

Fish Creek Spinners 1oz Squid 
Fish Creek Spinners Double Blade 1oz Hula Spinner
Fish Creek Spinners 2oz Double Bite Skirted Armadillo
Cheers and don't forget that discount code up top!

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