Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Finished Goods - Production

Now that the Day of the Zonker is history, it's time to put some Transformers on the finished goods Rack.

Not as interesting as making sausage, but it's a working world!

What does that amount to?

  • Assembling and R bending the Transformers
    • Stainless Wire
    • Junebug Blade
    • Bearing beads
    • Colored Tail beads
  • Hooking the Transformers with the Zonker banded Trebles
    • Zonker Banded Trebles
    • Seating The tail bead on the R bend
  • Labeling and Packaging the Transformers
    • Logo Label
    • Bar Code
  • Racking the Transformers

Here's a few pictures of the progress on a new Finished goods rack, in preparation for them being emptied this fishing season.

Seated the 8 inch 1/4 inch diameter pegs

Once in the packaging - they go up quick

Added some SKU ids - Poster board with a hole punch and a pricing label

Moving right along

All done with the Transformers - More pegs ready for some Armadillo's!
That gets some of that model ready and waiting. On to the next model!

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