Friday, December 14, 2012

FCS Angler Interface - New Look and Feel

Website traffic has slowed down, page rank took a dive, and Google's been tweeking the index algorithms. Time to rethink the web site format. 

A word to the wise - refresh your cache to pick up changes.

I've always known I had too much info on a page. The whole 'above the fold' deal. Most of the good stuff was not visible on entry - hidden treasures never seen.

With this as marching orders, the web site content and navigation has changed and will be changing again as my inclination rises to the challenge.

In doing so, I think it's worth some time to point out what's changed with some pictures and a few words.

Here's a collection of screenshots with high lights noted by red circles and limited descriptive text.

I hope it's interesting and helpful. Regardless, I still feel compelled to write it down. Persistence is a virtue, right?

First the Home Page

Fish Creek Spinners Home page
Now the high lights

Promotion box Alert shows active promotion codes available in the store. Launches the info when you click it.

Mouseover Pop Ups - larger pictures with short text descriptions and fish caught on each model. Slide the mouse over the spinner grids and see larger images. You'll need to have pop ups enabled to use this function. If it bothers you (and it might be a little too much), turn on the pop up blocker on your browser when you see them show up.

Fish Creek Spinners Home page Mouseover Pop ups
New pages listed by size and new individual model pages. The size page summarizes each model, the individual pages have links into that model in the web store, and grids showing fish pictures by model.

Fish Creek Spinners Small Spinner category page
When a size category page launches, the spinners models for the category will be listed in on the left side navigation stack.

Spinner model Detail page

Each Spinner Model has detail page (or will once I'm finished). Each model has a description and a grid showing a picture, with fish species pictures returned by FCS customers. Each small picture can be clicked to expand it picture on the upper right side. The left side picture has a link to the model in the web store.
Fish Creek Spinners Nitromite model detail page
Medium sized models category page

The size category's models are listed for selection in the left navigation stackEach size category page has a grid at the top with it's primary models pictures. Each picture has a mouseover pop up that expands into a larger photo. The pop up blocker needs to be disabled if you wish to see these. 

Fish Creek Spinners Medium size model category page

Metal Armadillo Medium Spinner detail page

 A grid with each spinners picture and fish photo's caught on the model and links into the web store; one as text and one on the upper right spinner picture.
Fish Creek Spinners Medium size model category page
Large Spinner size category model page

By now you've figured out each Model category and each Model detail pages have similar formats, and I'm about done. Oh yeah, one more thing.
Fish Creek Spinners Large size Category Page
Need picture link

Fish Creek Spinners Need A Picture challenge
If you come across entries in the model detail pages that are text only, these link to the Fish Photo page that describes how you can get free spinners by sending in fish pictures caught on Fish Creek Spinners. Think about it...

That's about all I have to help describe the new website changes. We still have the fish species pages and pages on type classes of tackle - Spinnerbaits, Walleye bait rigs, and trolling cowbells. Either on the home page navigation or on the left navigation in the web store.

Hmmm, one last comment. Because content is changing frequently, your launch may not look like these because an older version is being selected from your browser cache. I suggest doing a browser refresh to rebuild the cache and pick up new content changes.

Here's a link to get you started - Fish Creek Spinners home page

This got pretty big and I still have to do the document the web store, oh well, think that will be  another post. 

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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