Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Fish Creek Spinner Contest Giveaway

Update 12/13/12

23 entries counting recent orders and new Facebook and Twitter Likes.

Here's the drawing entry list assigning sequence numbers.

Because there were 23 entries, there'll be three $50 winners - another additional prize was added at each 10 entry boundary.

The three $50 winners get/need to pick their poison from the website store using the retail prices to get around $50 worth or at least provide a category, small, medium, large, walleye, trout, trolling, etc and I'll pick a mix. Also send me an email ( with choices, a surprise me note, or a category. Also include your current shipping address information, even if I might have it.

Here's the three $50 winner sequence numbers selected using

Being in a holiday mood, I decided to add another 5 winners of $10 worth of spinners (about three spinners). Same drill there, send me an email with your category choices or surprise me and I'll see what I can find. Again, include your current shipping address information, even if I might have it.

Here's the five additional winner sequence numbers.

Putting back on the spreadsheet here's the list.

Thanks for your participation.

Merry Christmas, and hope you continue your support into the new year!

This one's tougher, but the Holidays are a great time to run a Giveaway Contest.

Seasons Greetings from Fish Creek Spinners!

New to the blog or Fish Creek Spinners website?

You can find information on our product designs, fishing adventures and other posts using the mouse over tabs at the top on the 'What's New' row or take this link to the web site.

What does my version of $50 worth of spinners look like?

Trout and Salmon

Fish Creek Spinners Holiday contest
2 red 1/16oz Glass eye catchers,  2 blue 1/10oz Small Armadillos, 2 purple 1/12oz Nitromites, 2 orange 1/8oz Glass Armadillos,  2 green 1/5oz Metal Armadillos, 2 red 1/5oz Metal Armadillos, 2 salt white Hot Rods, 2 brown 1/8oz Transformers, 2 lime 1/3oz Metal Armadillos

Large Species

One 3oz Double Bite Armadillo, Two 1oz Zonker Spinnerbaits, Two 1oz Spikes

A bunch Trolling Cowbells -

Two 32 inch Gold Willows, One 32 inch Hammered Copper, Two 18 inch Daredevil Indiana's

Fish Creek Spinners Web Store

The drawing is active - Now through 12/12/12 (gives me time to ship before Christmas)

The Fine Print

Time has not been kind in the social networking space and it's likely there isn't going to be a happy ending on my attempts to get value from time spent networking on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Some of the best minds and SEO vendors prompt that I need -

      More Likes on my Facebook Business page..
      More LinkedIn followers...
      More Twitter followers....
      More Blog followers.....
      More Plus's on Google Plus........
      A Yelp Page
      A Foursquare Page - what the heck?

So here we are... What'cha gonna do, John?

Got lots of new spinners.
Got lots of motivation to increase brand recognition.
Haven't done any spinner contests in a few months.

To enter the contest before it closes on 12/10/12 -
1) Comment the blog post leaving some amount of information to track you down and
2) Do as many of the following that you choose (each provides another entry in the drawing).

Either -

'Like' the Fish Creek Spinners Facebook Page

Google Plus?
'Follow' the Fish Creek Spinners Google Plus Company Page (Do a search on Fish Creek Spinners)

'Follow' the Fish Creek Spinners company page on LinkedIn
or Endorse the John Delaney page on LinkedIn

'Follow' John Delaney @fishcreekspinne on Twitter

'Join' the Noise on the Line Blog (over on the top left - Blue 'Join the Site' button)

Need Spinners?
Order some from the Fish Creek Spinners web store - and you're entered - I had to mention that one. In the stack, it's the only one that keeps us in business! There's a GreatGifts 30% discount code and it's active until 12/20/12. Just sayin'!

Feel free to do several if you want, more entries will up your chances of being chosen as a winner. Do a comment and all of them, you're in with seven entries.

e.g. Blog Comment and Facebook Page Like = 1 entry

or Blog Comment, Facebook Like, and Spinner order = two entries;

or Blog Comment, Facebook Like, Google Plus Follow, and Spinner order = three entries; etc.

Still feelin frisky? Well then, what do you win?

Lets see... how about $50 worth of spinners, shipped free? Got plenty already? They make good stocking stuffers too.

A winner will be picked using

Every multiple of ten people to enter, I'll add another prize. The down side fine print is that if less then 10 people enter, the prize changes to a couple spinners for every person that entered.  Still not a bad deal.

Got this far and not interested? Feel free to share the post, the more visibility the more spinners in mail boxes!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I'll bite. You actually sent my daughter a couple of spinners earlier this year. You can find me on HPA. Boli. Thanks!

John Delaney said...

You'll be happy with some more of these Jesse. Thanks for the Facebook LIKE. Looks like you've got pretty good odds!

Anonymous said...

Sent you a like via Facebook.


John Delaney said...

Good luck Scott and thanks for the FB like! You're entered.

Anonymous said...

this is a good deal for anyone who fishes. Johns products have helped me put numerous fish in the net .

Frank Empson

John Delaney said...

You're entered Frank. Good Luck winning the Laker trolling cowbells!

Daniel said...

Followed you on Twitter and liked you FB! You can find me on HPA ---> C R O W

John Delaney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Delaney said...

You're in CROW

Anonymous said...

April 2012 FCS contest winner JLS @ Ringgold. WOW 2012 almost gone but what a great year trout fishing with FCS spinners now in the fold. FCS = high quality. and great service. The new JuneBugs worked great and I would highly recommend those for every tackle box. Thanks, John for FCS.

John Delaney said...

Back at you Jim! FCS thanks to you and your family for your support and purchases this year.

Glad you stopped by at yearend. Check out the new walleye bait rigs with the prism eyes and slow death hooks. These would be awesome for many other fish species in places where bait fishing is allowed.

Another cross-over alternative - to dance that ragged edge between fishing methods.

Anonymous said...

ChrisNM from FE would love to have a pile of spinners for Christmas. Good stuff.