Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fish Creek Spinners Bullseye bait rigs

Fish Creek Spinners Walleye BullsEye bait rigs

Fish Creek Spinners Bullseye bait rig - crawler haulers
This design's went through a few shake down modifications this summer. I started with double hook rigs behind the prop spinner, but based on fishermen preference, I've decided to go with slow death hooks on future models. Also threading the spinner on stainless wire, I love the extra vibration the propeller churns up against the wire shaft.

As far as hooks, feedback on the slow death hooks has shown me the rigs are well worth the extra steps to assemble this trailer assembly. 

Put some on your line and see for yourself!

Step 1 - Prism Head
  - Stick on prism eyes
  - Flat Glass head beads
  - Lacquer and dry cycle

Step 2 - 4 inch slow death rig
  - Crane swivel
  - cut six inches of 20# Silver Thread monofilament trailer line
  - Mustad Slow Death hook 
  - tie hook and swivel to trailer with two modified cinch knots, cinch and trim knots

Step 3 - cut lengths of 4 ft leaders
  - 20# Silver Thread monofilament line

Step 4 - Assemble Prop Spinner
  - Stainless Wire
  - Large Propeller
  - Prism Head
  - tail beads
  - trim Stainless wire
  - Wireformer R bend
  - thread 4 inch Slow Death rig on R bend and twist loop
  - tie on leader with modified cinch knot, cinch and trim

Step 5 - cut 1x2 inch styrofoam leader blocks
  - Styrofoam cutter
  - styrofoam block

Step 6 - Label and Package spinner 
  - UPC label
  - Fish Creek Spinners logo label
  - Clear plastic clam shell  
  - Wind 4 ft leader around styrofoam leader block and label back
  - Insert Spinner into clam shell and store for 2013 sales

Fish Creek Spinners Bulleye prism heads on drying rack and finished heads

Fish Creek Spinners Bullseye Walleye bait rigs on the rock
Back to work!

 Bottom line - There's a whole lot of component assembly steps, to fill up my spare time this winter!


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Great to see you making your own bait hooks. Thanks for the step by step guide. I look forward to having a test with different ideas myself.

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