Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September product promo's

I finally figured out how to introduce product specific sale promotions with the Webstore product... well kinda.

Attempting to use a new Webstore feature is always an adventure. Although you find numerous links to Online Guides and references to  PDF User documentation, enticing you into the rat hole, the content quickly dries up after a few drill downs - Where's the Beef?

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

What I found was that the way to do it was kind of buried as a hidden feature - you know - something I've looked at and ignored each time I add or update a product. Didn't help that the Option was grayed out either.

Anyways, Storewide promotions are good for the entire order - like 'Entire order 20% off'. Kind of easy and quick, the scatter gun approach.

Product promotions offer specific products at reduced prices - like '$1.00 off Small Armadillos' .

Either type will adjust prices on the Invoice and show a description of the discount after it's been applied.

So long story short, I put some out there for 4 products to offer the discounts and test the functionality. They're each active now through the month of September 2012.

Each of the affected products has it's typical price shown on the searches and detail pages. The promotion price gets assigned after the promotion code is entered in the Promotion Code text box during checkout.

The fine print in the promo process is that only one promotion code can be used on an order.

That means if you loved all the discounted products and put them on a single order, only the model applicable to the discount code you enter during checkout will get its price reduced. Bummer.

A quantity of three of the same model matching the discount code - they all get the discount.

My work around to that feature, is to ask you to send me an email - and we can figure it out.

I would probably suggest that you make two or more orders, each with a single model using the right promo code for each and then I would combine them, shipping extra spinners to account for the extra postage on the subsequent orders. Sound OK?

Here's the stack of discounted products with pictures from the products detail page.

1/10oz Small Armadillo's - promo code SMALLARM active through September month end

SMALLARM discount code - Small Armadillo's at $1.00 off for $2.65 each
1/3oz Metal Armadillo's - promo code SALMONSALE active thru September 2012
This is a good deal on a sweet spinner!

METALSALE - 1/3oz Metal Armadillo's at $2 off for $3.50 - Sweet Deal!

METALSALE discount code - 1/5oz Metal Armadillo's at $1 off for $3.25

Finally, the new Walleye Spinners with Slow Death Crawler Hook

1/10oz Walleye Spinners - promo code SMALLWALL active thru September 2012

SMALLWALL discount code - 1/10oz Walleye Spinners at $1 off at 2.75
Sweet Deals. Many of these sell, and I'll be put to work powder painting again!

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