Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saltwater Jack Crevalle on Skirted Armadillo

Now how's that title conjure up an image, lol.

The spinners I sent to Angola from the Foothills of Colorado to the Kwanza River Delta in Angola, survived their jointed journey through Florida and arrived intact. Tom has them in hand.

It's great timing because his brother is visiting from Europe and they will be fishing for tarpon and other big saltwater species this weekend. I love it when a plan become real!

A friend of Tom's at the Kwanza Lodge took them out for a shakedown cruise yesterday, getting them wet and river tested before the weekend trip.

Here's a picture I received this morning, hopefully more to come!

Gary's Jack Crevalle 

This one was caught by Gary, a guide at the Kwanza Lodge, fishing a 2oz Chartreuse Skirted Double Bite Armadillo.

That's a lot of spinner hanging there in that Jack Crevalle lip!

Even the 3oz versions may not look as substantial in one of their Tarpon (with a capital T)!

Here's the group of Fish Creek Spinners Armadillo's that will get fished.

Fish Creek Spinners 2oz+ Double Bite Skirted Armadillo's

Here's a blog post on the subject from the Hippo on the Lawn blog. Another perspective on the adventure!


Hippo said...

We call them King Fish over here and that one's tiny. But for a quick evening dip at a time no one else was bothering to go out on the water, it was a really encouraging result.

More after the weekend!

John Delaney said...

Wondered about that. I found a picture match in a North American Fish Species book that closely matched the picture.

Have a fun time, I hope your brother made it. I saw something on your blog that your brother had Port of Entry problems?

John Delaney said...

Get the FCS wet yourself yet?