Sunday, August 19, 2012

Store wide 25% discount - AugustUS

Deal time. Here's a code for 25% off all products in the web store - AugustUS - good thru 8/31/2012.

Enter it during the checkout process on the mailing info page to adjust invoice prices.

Here's a few pictures some of the new spinners from this year to consider. 

Walleye rigs, June Bug blades and big Muskie spinners busted out of the chute this year.

Muskie Blasters - 1/2oz to 1oz - cast like a Bullet! 
Fish Creek Spinners Muskie Blasters
Single hook June Bug Transformers - Slip R bends for hook swaps

Fish Creek Spinners 1/15oz Transformer - dressed zonker single hook

Double Bite Skirted Armadillo's - 2oz and 3oz

Fish Creek Spinners 3oz Double Bite Skirted Armadillo

2/3oz Skirted Glass June Bugs - Smallie baits

Fish Creek Spinners 2/3oz Skirted Glass Armadillo

Variety of new Walleye rigs

Fish Creek Spinners walleye rigs

1/8oz June Bug Transformers

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz June Bug Transformer
Fish Pictures returned this year.

Pennsylvania Muskie - FCS 2oz Double Bite Skirted Armadillo

Herzegovina Trout - 1/5oz Glass Armadillo

Colorado Largemouth - 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Minnesota Crappie - 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Herzegovina Brown Trout - 1/5oz Glass Armadillo

Herzegovina Brown - 1/5oz Glass Armadillo

New Mexico Pike -  1oz Zonker Spinnerbait

New Mexico Pike - 1oz Zonker Spinnerbait

Herzegovina Brown - 1/5oz Glass Armadillo

Wisconsin Walleye - Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Propeller Rig

South Dakota Walleyes - Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Props

South Dakota Walleyes - Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Props

South Dakota Walleye - Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Props

Minnesota Walleyes - Fish Creek Spinners Glow Depth Charges

Minnesota Sunfish - 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Pennsylvania Brown - 1/8oz Glass Armadillo

Minnesota Rock Bass - Fish Creek Spinners 1/3oz Metal Armadillo

South Dakota Walleyes - Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Props

Angola Africa King Fish - 2oz Double Bite Skirted Armadillo
Visit the store with the 25% discount - AugustUS - promo code - good til 8/31/2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hunting theme fishing spinners

Tis the season!

Just bought some brass - .308, 9MM Ruger, .40 caliber S&W and had to build a few fishing spinners. If I can string it on a wire, it's going to get in the water!

Casings are centered on the wire using beads on other components to add weight and balance.

Here's a few pictures.

1oz Muskie Blaster - .308 Winchester brass casing - #7 Gold Willow Blade - Split ring attached #1/0 buck tail dressed treble hook.

Fish Creek Spinners .308 Muskie Blaster fishing spinner

3/4oz 9MM Ruger - #6 Nickel Inline blade - 9MM Ruger nickel body - Split Ring attached #2 zonker dressed treble hook.

Fish Creek Spinners 9MM Ruger fishing lure
1/2oz .40 caliber Smith and Wesson - #6 Brass Inline blade - .40 caliber S&W brass casing - Split Ring attached #2 zonker dressed treble hook.

Fish Creek Spinners .40 caliber Inline Spinner
Here's a triple shot assortment -

Fish Creek Spinners Hunting theme spinner assortment

Noise on the Line - Scented with Cordite!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saltwater Jack Crevalle on Skirted Armadillo

Now how's that title conjure up an image, lol.

The spinners I sent to Angola from the Foothills of Colorado to the Kwanza River Delta in Angola, survived their jointed journey through Florida and arrived intact. Tom has them in hand.

It's great timing because his brother is visiting from Europe and they will be fishing for tarpon and other big saltwater species this weekend. I love it when a plan become real!

A friend of Tom's at the Kwanza Lodge took them out for a shakedown cruise yesterday, getting them wet and river tested before the weekend trip.

Here's a picture I received this morning, hopefully more to come!

Gary's Jack Crevalle 

This one was caught by Gary, a guide at the Kwanza Lodge, fishing a 2oz Chartreuse Skirted Double Bite Armadillo.

That's a lot of spinner hanging there in that Jack Crevalle lip!

Even the 3oz versions may not look as substantial in one of their Tarpon (with a capital T)!

Here's the group of Fish Creek Spinners Armadillo's that will get fished.

Fish Creek Spinners 2oz+ Double Bite Skirted Armadillo's

Here's a blog post on the subject from the Hippo on the Lawn blog. Another perspective on the adventure!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucky 88 birthday discount code

Lucky88 - 40% discount code for web store purchase - Today 8/8/2012 only for 5 lucky customers!

My birthday, here's a present to any bloggers that want a good deal on some 'fine' fishing swag!

Things may come to those that wait, but only whats left!

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