Friday, July 27, 2012

Walleye Props - Slow Death Intense Crawler Action

Added a new refinement to the Walleye Prop harnesses. I replaced the double Circle hooks with a Mustad #2 bent Aberdeen ultra point single hook (known as a Slow Death hooks per Mustad packaging and seasoned walleye fishermen).

Fish Creek Spinners Worm Prop with Mustad Slow Death Aberdeen hook

The hooks are precisely bent to cause the baited crawler to spiral and rotate as it's pulled through the water while trolling. You fish them with bottom bouncer sinkers, in order to place them near the bottom and alert feeding walleyes.

Two propeller blades and a few colored glass or plastic beads complete the rig, adding some additional color, noise and churning vibration, in front of the spinning night crawler.

They're ran off a bottom bouncer at about 1mph+, in shallower water  - 10 to 15 feet.

These are strung on 5ft of 20# Excalibur Silver thread with a crane swivel tied with a modified cinch knot at the top of the leader.

Mustad hooks the #2 Red Slow death and a #10 brass aberdeen used to stabilize the worm head.

Crawlers are strung over #2 onto the line and anchored by the #10.

Standard Clamshell packaging with a twist.

I cut styrofoam blocks to fit the cavity, then stick the hooks into the block and wind up the 5ft leader.

This method enables an easy unpack without a snarled bunch of mono.

Here's a few pictures.

Fish Creek Spinners Styrofoam block wrap for 5ft Leader

 Here's a few in the webstore's Walleye category, with more color choices to follow.

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