Monday, June 11, 2012

Walleye Buzz

Got a request from another Wisconsin native for some different Walleye baits.

He just came out of a Lake Winnebago tournament fishing our other prop models with good luck. Not being shy, he wanted to try some more FCS alternatives.

Here's what I came up with - 

Buzz props - banded zonker mohawk - colored hook harness - lip hooks

Red and White Mohawk - 4 blade Buzz

Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Mohawk - Red and White

These little buzz blades ought to chop up some turbulence and bring over bigger fish to see what all the commotion is about.

They're strung on .031 inch stainless wire. Nothing like propeller rotation on wire to put some noise on the line and bring fish to attention.

The zonker strip is banded on a small sleeve with a skirt band. Call these Crawler Mohawks.

 I added a lip hip for attaching the crawler head. It just seemed right.

 Here's a couple more pictures -

Fluorescent Orange Mohawk

Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Mohawk - Fluor Orange
Fluorescent Yellow Mohawk - 2 blade Buzz
Fish Creek Spinners Walleye Mohawk - Fluor Yellow
Here's a link to the Web Store where you can scroll to find them - Walleye Category - Just say'in

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Angler Gang said...

Those look pretty sweet!