Thursday, June 21, 2012

Off the Scales

Our biggest spinner to date (I gotta stop this obsession)! Three ounces and 10 inches in length.

To weigh these spinners I had to move to a Postage scale. They're big, buffed, and burly.

Here's a white and silver one.

Bodies are powder coated and baked 3/8oz marine brass or nickel. Transparent colors use the nickel for luster. These two are brass beads.

Friction discs are used between beads.

They're 3oz double skirted Armadillo's with double #9 fluted Indiana blades. The blades are heavy .040 gauge. Gold plated or highly polished nickel.

To get the weight to move up to three ounces, I've added a nickel bullet component below the skirts.

These have a split ring attached #3/0 laser treble that's dressed with banded zonker strips.

Adding the component below the skirts move the dressed treble out to the break in the skirt. Free to dance the can can for your favorite species. Colors are matched to contrast the 8 inch 53 strand silicon starflash skirts, this helps to aid visibility. 

No problem seeing these bushy dressed trebles dance behind the spinners reflection and turbulence during retrieve - a very enticing bait.

The double .040 gauge Indiana's really churn some water. If you fish them with your rod tip elevated, they'll cause a wake that big predatory fish will absolutely notice.

Keep your eyes open and your strike response ready!

Here's a black and gold one.

Scream'in spinners!

Man, you ought to see them with the siren on!

Not on the grid, You'll find them in the Large Spinner stack if you scroll down. Here's a direct link to white and silver.

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WDSTK3 said...

Well John, the saying around here is "Big bait, big fish...little bait, no fish". Great job as usual!