Friday, May 18, 2012

Double Bite Skirted Armadillos - 2oz+

Challenged to beef up the 1oz skirted Armadillo, here's what I did to wake up a muskie.

Bigger blades for more bite, more body beads for added weight and balance,  doubled up the skirts for more tail drag, bigger #2/0 dressed treble. Then balanced everything during testing.  Almost 9 inches long and 2.25 ounces. Packaged in clear reuseable tubes.

Fluorescent Green 2oz+ Skirted Double Bite

Black 2oz Fish Creek Spinners skirted metal Armadillo

The wires .051 inch stainless. Body beads are powder painted 3/8oz solid marine brass. Transparent powder colors (red, blue, purple, green) uses nickel plated brass for extra luster.

The blades on these, are heavy .032 gauge #8 French blades. I've got .040 gauge #8 Smooth Colorado's and fluted #8 Indiana's ordered - Gold and Nickel mirror finish.  Finishes like Nickel and Gold are added for scratch and tarnish resistance and reflection.

Heavy gauge brass is soft. Most smaller blades are stamped from .018 gauge marine brass. When you package these big brass blades in the hundreds or thousands, they collide and scratch each other during shipping and storage. Polished brass doesn't fare as well as the finished blades.

These heavy blades really move some water. If you fish them with your rod tip up, the rotation raises the surface leaving a wake trail. The surface disturbance will help large predatory fish take notice. No fishing in wake free area's, lol.

Here's a few more pictures and some links.

Red 2oz Fish Creek Spinners skirted metal Armadillo
Brown 2oz Fish Creek Spinners skirted metal Armadillo
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Here's a link to the black one

Back to building out some more colors!


WDSTK3 said...

I made something similar with a single spinner and using skirting or a long bucktail to try on Tiger Muskies...haven't used them yet though...probably in June when we go on our major camp-out and fishing trip to Curlew Lake.

Nice as usual John!

John Delaney said...
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John Delaney said...

You can use them on big Pike in Pend O'reil too, right? Aren't you around Spokane? Thought I saw/heard on WALakes, that the Pike were awesome over in your neck of the woods.

WDSTK3 said...

The Kalispel Tribe has a Pike removal project going on in the Pend Oreille. That is the major Pike water around here. They want to reduce the population by 87%. I know several people that fish the Pend Oreille for Pike on a regular basis. Tiger Muskies (a hybrid) have been introduced into some lakes to allegedly reduce the Pike Minnow populations and provide for catching trophy size fish. One keeper and it must be 50" or more. All the rest must be released.

John Delaney said...

The politics of fish, fish metabolisms, and managing fisheries seems to be a thankless job. Important, but full of emotion, with the fishermen usually upset. It's been that way for a hundred years.

Big predatory fish get big eating other fish, no vegans left in that crowd.