Friday, May 4, 2012

Chop Shop Spinners and Hair Ball trebles

Here's a new method for dressing trebles, that's quick and easy, just need a skirt tool.

I kind of put two and two together to get here, and maybe it's been done and discussed before, but here goes.

Like I said, you'll need a skirt making tool, some rubber skirt bands, some rabbit zonker strips, and of course; treble hooks.

I bought a skirt making tool on a whim, about a year ago and never used it, opting to buy the skirts from Kayser. Kayser is a lure component company in Chicago. Terry's team makes great products and they're friendly people. They are eager to respond, and ship fast.

Here's a slideshow. The slideshow is in Picasa and you'll need to click the color wheel in lower right twice to get the toolbar to show up. Then mouse over the bottom border to bring it back if it pauses, manually advancing at your speed.

They're quick to make, plenty of primitive, but effective in the water.

A nice addition to the June Bug Transformers.

Hmmm, Belted Zonkers?
Banded Trebles?
Quick Dress Trebles?
Zonker Strippers?
Hair balls?

Time will tell. Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Back to the bench and some relaxing - mindless - repetition!

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