Friday, April 20, 2012

Step across Streams

These streams hold beautiful native fish, but are a challenge to find and then fish.

Narrow, usually surrounded by overhanging brush, and many times swift.

The trout have it made. The brush makes it difficult to approach quietly. It's impossible to cast any distance and hard to find a lure or spinner that works in these conditions.

On the up side, who cares, it's always a great fishing adventure in beatiful country!

Challenging fishing at that. Wild colorful fish, if you can catch one.

No long casts down a bank and retrieving the spinner past them, it's just not possible. It's sometimes hard to even get the spinner to spin because retrieve space is so limited. No long run to  jump start one either. 

I've made special ultralite spinners for these waters. The kind you drop into a riffle and wait for the fish to come over.  

Stealth and finese.

Here's some little guys that specialize in these waters. I put that black 1/8oz Armadillo in the picture for comparison.

Fish Creek Spinners -  Ultralite 1/24oz FireFly spinners 

#0 or #1 Indiana blades
Seed beads strung on .021in stainless
#10, #12 trebles.

About 1/24oz  depending on length. You can barely cast these, no accuracy in brush anyways.

Not a spinner for average use, but not an average place.

Pendulum drop them into current, where they can be drifted while spinning down to your prey.

You're on your own getting to where you can do that!

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