Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spinner of the Week - Week 4/11/12 - 1/10oz QuadProp

This little 4 propeller spinner churns up a lot of vibration and awesome noise as the props rotate on the stainless wire shaft. 

Fish Creek Spinners 1/10oz Salt White and Gold QuadProp Propeller Fishing Spinner

This little 1/10oz spinner is the stream version. If you hold up the rod tip, the propellers will churn the surface.

At 3 inches long, its a little longer then many smaller inline spinners.

Large propellers are available on request. Some anglers remove the hooks from the larger prop versions and put them before a leader in front of other lures for the added turbulence.

Here's a few pictures. 32 variations are available in the Web Store
Fish Creek Spinners - 1/10oz Fluorescent Orange and Gold QuadProp Propeller Spinner
Fish Creek Spinners 1/10oz Fluorescent Green and Silver QuadProp Propeller Spinner

Fish Creek Spinners 1/10oz Black Faceted Glass QuadProp Propeller Spinner

This set had nickel trebles on them in the pictures, but they are now brass trebles with options for single hooks on request.

Cheers and Noise on the Line!

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