Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grandkids fishing in Estes Park

The Grandkids had a day off school Friday, so we spent a couple days in Estes Park this weekend.

Once again, both Sable and Eli out fished the old guy. Sable caught nothing but Trout; Brookies and a nice Rainbow about 18 inches. She also caught a small carp and a crayfish. She's loves the water and outdoors.

Here's a few of her catches.

Eli caught frisky pansized Perch, maybe five.

Saw Deer, Elk sign, Osprey, Ducks, Turkey Vultures, and Kingfishers. All over the course of a few hours in the sun.

Hmmm.. Elk

This guy was here last year!

No shortage of deer or elk in Estes Park this year.

I did hook a big Rainbow with Eli's pole after he unhooked a perch and was taking it to his live well.

Mine was about 24 inches, a pretty big fish, I was surprised.

As I got him close to the bank, I paused to adjust the drag on Eli's reel, mistake.. In that split second, the fish took off and snapped the line.. bummer. I'll be back!

Great day for Gramps!

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