Monday, April 30, 2012

June Bug Muskie Spinner - get one in the water!

I just completed design and testing on this new addition to the large spinner category.

These Armadillo's weigh in at 2/3oz due to the glass vs metal design. What makes them different is the June Bug Blade.

The June Bug blade proved to be a pleasant surprise in the water. It has a uniquely consistent strobe due to it's fixed angle of rotation. The fixed angle also seems to give it great performance at very low speed.

These are skirted Armadillo's with split ring attached #1/0 treble hooks. The skirt adds drag and fans out during speed changes.

Hooks can be swapped out, or removed to enable skirt replacements due to wear or to switch color variation with a new skirt. Kind of cool. Slide off the old, slide on the new.

You can even remove the skirt and fish them without it, go ahead try it! Vive la difference!

Here's a few pictures and a link to the web store. 28 variations to choose from.

Fluor Orange 2/3oz Skirted Glass Armadillo - Brass June Bug blade

Yellow Glass 2/3oz Skirted Armadillo - Nickel June Bug Blade

Black Glass 2/3oz Skirted Armadillo - Brass June Bug Blade

Pink 2/3oz Skirted Armadillo - Nickel June Bug Blade

Here's the link to the web store

Get one in the water and see for yourself!

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