Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fish Creek Spinners - Spinner of the Week 3/22/12

This weeks winner is the 1oz Skirted Armadillo.

This is a flagship spinner. It's built on the Armadillo design, using friction discs for improved blade contact and noise.

This ones white with gold accent with a white and brown skirt.

Here's another mustard yellow with a perch skirt

Finally, black with a black and fluorescent orange skirt

Two super willow blades are riding tandem on a single stirrup clevis, removing the potential for lockup issues that can happen on double blade interwoven clevis setups. I'm starting to put the blades on a new S clevis, pictures haven't caught up.

The hook attachment features the ability to change out hooks using a duolock clasp hidden in the skirt. This technique also enables the skirt to be exchanged to provide an entirely different presentation. It can even be fished or trolled without a skirt.

Comes with a #1/0 treble. Hook substitutions are easy and available on request.

Spring Muskie season is here, get a couple of these wet in your favorite muskie, pike or salmon waters.

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