Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fish Creek Spinners - Spinner of the Week 3/22/12

This weeks winner is the 1oz Skirted Armadillo.

This is a flagship spinner. It's built on the Armadillo design, using friction discs for improved blade contact and noise.

This ones white with gold accent with a white and brown skirt.

Here's another mustard yellow with a perch skirt

Finally, black with a black and fluorescent orange skirt

Two super willow blades are riding tandem on a single stirrup clevis, removing the potential for lockup issues that can happen on double blade interwoven clevis setups. I'm starting to put the blades on a new S clevis, pictures haven't caught up.

The hook attachment features the ability to change out hooks using a duolock clasp hidden in the skirt. This technique also enables the skirt to be exchanged to provide an entirely different presentation. It can even be fished or trolled without a skirt.

Comes with a #1/0 treble. Hook substitutions are easy and available on request.

Spring Muskie season is here, get a couple of these wet in your favorite muskie, pike or salmon waters.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spinup - Fish Creek Spinner of the Week - 3/11/12

Here's the first and this weeks choice for Fish Creek Spinners Spinner of the Week.

Week 3/11/12 - F154 1/5oz Glass Armadillo

1/5 oz  Glass Armadillo - F154 - Rootbeer glass

1/5oz Glass Armadillo - F154
This spinner is the big brother of the 1/8oz Glass Armadillo - A little more weight for longer casts and deeper water column penetration makes this a nice river fishing spinner.

Components are a step up in size to increase weight over the 1/8oz Armadillo.

.031 in Stainless Steel Wire
#2 Stirrup Clevis
#5 Fluted Indiana blade
3mm bearing bead
6mm faceted glass body beads
8mm faceted glass tail bead
8mm and 10mm friction discs
#8 treble hook

Check out other models on the Fish Creek Spinners web store homepage.

Noise on the Line!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hookless Fish exerciser

It's almost Spring - another fishing season approaches. I've been thinking about all the joys of fishing, the outdoors, and mostly fish. It's an annual event.

About a year ago, as a gag,  I came up with a hookless spinner - just a big split ring on the end.

Forums continue to debate the merits of treble vs single, barbed vs barbless, not to forget lip hooking, gill hooking, and deep hooking. This spinner is a game changer.

Even made up a fishing game - Strikes and Spares. No catch and release. No catch and keep. No catch, just Strike... and spare the fish.

Here's how Strikes n Spares is supposed to work.

You get a point for each sighted strike and two points when the same fish hits it more than once on a single cast. 

The splitring gives the fish something to chomp into, without getting hooked. Will they spit it out or run with it? Game on!

I decided to try it  last summer up in Estes Park. Where? on Fish Creek of course.

Well, I got to tell you it was fun. Rarely did I only get a single point. Most fish hit it numerous times without fail, following and hitting it until I lifted the spinner out of the water. I lost track of the score. I didn't catch any, but I taught a bunch of brookies how to chase a spinner. I think they were having fun with it.

No fish pictures.No snags either. Got to try it yourself or rig a couple up for your kids try while honing their casting skills.

Not a spoof, seriously... it was fun.

Stop by Fish Creek Spinners Web Store and check out it's new format!

I might try to use some netting inside the splitring next outing. Kind of like the stuff an onion bag is made from. Just thread it on the ring and trim it down.

Think I'll catch one?