Friday, February 24, 2012

Ice Cubes and Thingamajigs

Bet you haven't seen these before.

Fish Creek Spinners Ice Fishing Thingamajigs

Quartz rock cubes painted with glow paint and decorated with foil eyes act as glow sinkers.

Propellers churn and make noise as jigged.

Crane swivel linkage lets offset perpendicular bait rig slowly twirl at bottom of  jig motion.

Perpendicular presentations - spotted bone, horn and rock with tied zonker strips hide a treble hook.

Fluid zonker strips dance a fish attracting action. Scent them or bait the treble.

These are glow red, but six glow colors available.

Ice fishing Thingamajig's, Gizmo's, Contraptions and Whatchamacallits.

Spotted Bone Ice fishing bait rig

White Horn bait rig

Brown Horn bait rig

Glow Rock with foil eyes and zonker skirt

Custom builds, available on request.

Send me an email if you want to take a few to your shanty -


Anonymous said...

winter must have been long out there .you got cabin fever real bad .get out and fish or something


John Delaney said...

Lol, yep.