Monday, February 13, 2012

April Customer Appreciation Trout Spinner drawing

OK, finally getting around to doing this drawing, I apologize for the delay.

Looks like 8 entries in April's drawing

Using to pick 1 integer between 1 and 8

The winner is?

Looks like JLS from Ringgold, GA is our winner for the 12 trout spinners!

No wait, all our customers are winners.

I'll send each of the seven runner up's an FCS care package of 3 spinner surprises, including one of the new June Bug models.

Send an email to - - with your address info and I'll get some spinners headed to your mail box!

Get'em wet and send me a fish story!

Here's one of the new June Bug spinners.

Fish Creek Spinners June Bug Transformer

Enjoy the spinners and Noise on the Line!

Bought or buying some spinners Fish Creek Spinners online? You get to sign up for a chance to win some free ones over the next three months. Who knows, maybe this will become the format of all future drawings.

Here's January months Happy Birthday drawing results.
February large spinner drawing 
March Armadillo spinner drawing

I'll pick a winner every 5 participants. 1 -5 = 1 number, 6-10 = 2 numbers, 11-15 = 3, etc.

Pretty good odds, think about it.

This April drawing a dozen Trout spinners - 12 of these sweeties

  • Two 1/8oz Propeller Fire Ants (Transparent Blue - Brass and Nickel Props)
  • Two 1/4oz Angle Irons (#3 Black Nickel Inline blades - White and Red bodies) 
  • Two 1/8oz Glass Armadillo's (Red and Orange faceted Glass - #4 Brass and Nickel blades)
  • Two 1/12oz Glass Armadillo's (White with #1 Copper French blades)
  • Two 1/10oz Hot Rods (Double blades - Black faceted Glass) 
  • Two 1/10oz Quad props (Fluor Green - 4 propellers - Brass or Nickel)
Fish Creek Spinners April Customer Appreciation Trout Spinner Drawing
So if you're a current online customer add a comment to the post of choice or all of them with something to help me validate your order, and you're in.

How about the comment contains your first name and email Userid@cityST location.

For example - This is John, sign me up - jkd@superiorCO

no,,, etc.

That format should defeat the spammers and still let me find you in the online customer list.

Any past customers and anyone that orders over the next three months is eligible to sign up to active drawings. The sooner you order, the more drawings you can enter.

I've got records of sales back to 2008 (ISP ownership transfer lost prior info) and will be sending an email note about each drawing (provided I have a current email address).

Not sure how these will pan out, but I did put some time into selecting the three assortments, each organized into popular themes. If you win, color substitutions are easy.

That's all I got, if anybody should appreciate a few more in your mailbox, I hope it's you.  Get'n all misty now...

February was bigger stuff - Spring Muskie, Pike or Salmon spinners - 3 large spinners
  • 1/2oz Bullet Bucktail
  • 1oz Skirted Hula Girl
  • 1oz Pike Spike
Fish Creek Spinners April Customer Appreciation Spring Muskie Spinner Drawing
March was a medium Armadillo assortment - 6 medium spinners

  • Two 1/3oz Metal Armadillo 
  • Two 1/5oz Glass Armadillo
  • Two 1/5oz Metal Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners March Customer Appreciation Armadillo Spinner Drawing

I hope this idea is met with some enthusiasm. I can't think of anyone I'd rather be sending spinners to!

Got enough? Still sign up. If you win, give them to your fishing buddy, family member or neighborhood kid. Don't fish for Muskie, maybe you know someone who does, etc.  Word of mouth advertising works for me.

Not a current customer? I hope this might tip your scales toward putting some FCS in your favorite waters. Here's a link to the FCS web store , look around, check out the reduced price assortments and have fun.

Noise on the Line!



Anonymous said...

Sign me up for April. jls@ringgoldGA

John Delaney said...

Hi Jim, Good Luck with the Trout Spinners. Fishing the Blue Ridge?

I just added you to the Customer Map. I had some catching up to do on year end orders.

Anonymous said...

Sign me for April. I'd love to try some of these on some Western Washington Lakes this spring!

John Delaney said...

Timings right. There's a lot of FCS over in that part of the country. Good Luck~!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up. Me and the grandson are going to get the boat ready tcs80758@wrayco

John Delaney said...

Hope you have a good time with him. I've got a few of those helpers too. Stand Tall Grand Dad.

Vincent Basile said...

Sign me up for April, please!

Vinnie basile@Boulder,CO

Anonymous said...

This is Bob. Sign me up for April. Bob@CityOfCentral,LA

Anonymous said...

This is Brian. Sign me up for April. Brian@Everett,WA

Anonymous said...

Todd here. Good to see more players in april to. tcs80758@wrayCo

Anonymous said...

This is Ken from PA. The armadillos are awesome on the trout. Please sign me up. Trying some of the angle irons for smallmouth this

dea said...

This is Demir, sign me up for April -

Sign spinner said...

How are the angle irons for the smaller trout working?

John Delaney said...

Those are 1/4oz and a little big for smaller trout. There's a 1/6oz Angle Iron that works better in smaller waters where a longer cast or deeper retrieve isn't needed