Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things your old man said

About once a day, I find myself recalling some phrase I heard growing up. More often then not I bite my tongue.

These sayings mostly came from my father. He would state them when he wanted to pass on some kernel of wisdom he felt would improve our learning and most likely give him the last word. Not that he needed any help. He got unconditional respect.

I've been around the block a few times myself and find it kind of amusing these things have stuck with me this long.

Sure, I've got a few sayings of my own too, but credit needs to go where credit is due.

It's likely my kids now think of them as my creations. Time to set the record straight.

I've tried to float this topic on a few forum's and the moderators always sunk it!  Maybe it will float on the Noise on the Line blog.

Dad was a pretty tough old goat. Raised by his aunt after his parents died. Quit high school to enlist in the Army and be with his three brothers in WWII, lying about his age. Tail gunner in the 4th Calvary. Then an Iron-worker and father of 5 kids. 

He used these sayings like periods on a sentence. Some dark, some light. Some directed at you, some at others. The kind of words that struck a cord, cleared the fog and stuck to your ribs.

He probably collected these sayings from his buddies; Army buddies, Iron workers, drinking buddies from some bar after work. He never gave anybody credit on origin. He just used them. They were a part of him.

Time to pay some tribute to those old warriors and the way they got out their message.

Old school Smack Talk. Can't defend 'em. Just repeat them every now and then! Sometimes, I just think of using them and bite my tongue, then remember the old man. I think he'd like knowing that, but likely say

You aint got a hair on your A#s.

Talk's cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey.

Wish in one hand, Shit in the other. See which one fills up first.

What's the problem? A good bullet only costs a quarter.

If you p#s# three times, you're drunk. I gotta p#s# like a race horse.

It's gonna rain, the shit birds are singing.

You're pretty big, I didn't know you could stack Shit that high.

Plenty more out there. I'll bet you've got some of your own to share. Post a comment if any come to mind.

It's almost certain there'll be some profanity salting it down. I'll police the comments as needed.


WDSTK3 said...

The one I remember the best is his saying when something went wrong..."Well, s#$t and two is 8. Another one is "IF the dog hadn't stopped to s#$t, would he have caught the rabbit?" That one was his stock response to any "What if..." proposition put forth by someone.

John Delaney said...

I got the "If the dog hadn't" one too!

John Delaney said...

Today's recollection, I don't like to drink, I just like to Pi#S.