Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Large Armadillo's

Fish Creek Spinners Large 1oz Armadillo - White w/skirt and Red #1/0 Bucktail

Fish Creek Spinners Large 1oz Armadillo - Purple w/skirt and Purple #1/0 Bucktail
Just finished design on a new skirted Armadillo spinner.

Some of the specifications

  • 1oz in weight - biggest one yet
  • 7 inches in length with skirt - skirt is removable and can be changed out - Interesting
  • .051 inch heavy stainless wire - this wire is tough
  • All Nickel body beads and friction discs - Noisy ring on this one.
  • Baked Powder coat in 14 colors -
  • Double Super Willow blades on a single clevis for added Noise
  • 53 strand 8 inch Silicon Starflash Skirts - 20 varieties to choose from
  • Duolock clasp attached #1/0 brass treble hook - Quickly switch hooks or change skirts
This is a tough duty spinner for all big fish. Here's a few pictures

Pack of Large Skirted Fish Creek Spinners Armadillos

Peak under the hood - duolock attached #1/0 treble
Removable/Changeable Skirts for alternate presentations

Here's a link to the Fish Creek Spinners web store to check out some of the colors available. Still have a few pictures to take.

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