Thursday, January 19, 2012

Depth Charge - new ice fishing glow spinner

Ice fishing glow spinner - Depth Charge

Heavier then they look. These inch and a half, all metal spinners weigh a 1/4oz.

This weight will create quite a churn as they're dropped. The larger propeller causes the metal head and eyes to spin in the opposite direction (maybe I should call them Regan's - remember the Exorcist?). Anyways, while jigged up they'll spin. Plus clack hitting the bottom of your stroke. Notice the eye silhouettes against the glow background at rest. Nice target.

Six glow colors available in the Web Store Stay tuned for Assortment pricing.


Tammy said...

Very cool!

Jeff, MN said...

Hey John, those spinner props can be what it takes on Lake O the Woods, being a passionate ice fisherman Im always looking for an edge to try an even the odds when it comes to the dark stained water of LOW. Feb. can be a very tought time to fish that big water especially when it comes to high pressure systems that really makes the walleyes tight lipped. I sent that red gow propeller down to 31' an a couple of heavy lift an falls an the red line on the vexilar rose of the bottom an theat baby smacked it hard, Boom! short fight later an up popped a 22 1/2 in" gorgeous walleye. The rest of the day proved tough with only a few small saugers an walleys but that fist fish made the day, slid her back down the hole to catch another time. Thanks alot, jeff