Thursday, January 5, 2012

Assorted Array's - Spinner Combo's

After the serendipitous discovery to use HTML tables as containers for spinner combo's late last year, the work began last weekend.

Cross-Model Multi-Color Large Spinner Assortments
I came up with about 7 organizations (so far) or ways to combine the spinners, grouping by multi-color model, Multi-model color, or combining classes and weights.

Each assortment has between 6 to 12 variations, like model or color, to choose from in the grid.

Understanding the size of the set, I sat down to figure out how to name the image files, how to size them on a page, and how to describe them. Then I started writing HTML...

Here's samples of the eight. If you want to see the variations in each Assorted Set, there'll be a link at the bottom of the post. These pictures are just one example of each.

Oh yeah, there is active January Spinner drawing blog post. Comment to Enter, the more the merrier!

Assortment 1 - Cross-Model Smaller Spinner color collections
Fish Creek Spinners Assortment 1 in Blues - 12 varieties
Assortment 2 - Cross-Model all weights color selection

Fish Creek Spinners Assortment 2 in Greens - 7 varieties
Assortment 3 - Cross-Model Larger Spinners (1/4 to 1/2oz)
Fish Creek Spinners Assortment 3 Mixed Color Larger Spinners - 3 variations
Assortment 4 -  Cross-Model Single Color Smaller Spinners (1/12 - 1/8oz)

Fish Creek Spinners Assortment 4 - Single Color theme Small Spinners - 6 variations
Assortment 5 - Multi-Color Single Model
Fish Creek Spinners Assortment 5 - single model multi-color 1/10oz Hot Rods - 6 variations
Assortment 6 - Glass Armadillos - Multi-Model Single Color

Fish Creek Spinners Assortment 6 - Orange Glass Armadillo's - 10 variations
Assortment 7 - Metal Armadillos - Multi-Model Single Color
Fish Creek Spinners Assortment 7 - Lime Metal Armadillo's - 9 variations.

Here's a link the New 'Assortment' Category. It was a catch22 of multiple spinner pricing.

These tables sure organized the Category. Here's a link drilling into one of the Assortment details to see its variations. Still have to build out a couple more Glow spinners!

Did I mention that the assortments are priced below the sum of the parts!

Noise on the Line and Happy New Year!

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