Sunday, December 18, 2011

Self-deprecation - Spinner Assortment pictures

I've struggled with taking a decent picture of multiple spinners for years.

The most fundamental and closest to home observation I've had, is that it's tough for 'me' to get a good picture of 'one' spinner, lol, maybe this is a liveware personal problem!

Compounding that -- there's no safety in numbers --

"Yep, it's tough to get a good picture of more then one spinner".

If you check Google Images with a "fishing spinners" search, you'll see the state of the union. Trying to figure out placement and not ending up with colorful "barf on a board" is a challenge.

Blades go 'WHERE Ever', hooks go 'WHERE Ever', and components, well they just tilt and separate.

The death of a thousand cuts - you finally just cross your fingers, hit the elapsed timer and count it out.

Then back at the ranch, doing photo preps and edit, you notice you committed the 'cardinal crime' of spinner photography - massive fingerprint on the highly reflective small gold Indiana blade.

It's true, haha! Funny...Not.

Here's some of my image handiwork on the wall of shame.

I've went through many phases to reach this point of self-deprecation -

The 'Symmetry using Gravity' phase

This phase helped alignment, but introduced the self-portrait in a blade problem.

Quickly moving to the 'Random White Imbalance' phase - both textured and smooth!

Random was easier, but a component misalignment nightmare. White Imbalance, well that just makes me blue..

Need another one on Smooth?

and yet another example - better lighting here.

To conquer 'white imbalance' - I entered the 'Random Board' phase

I've tried props

I've tried organizing - the 'Lineup' phase

I've tried the lineup on prop's - 'Lineup on Prop' phase (lucky horseshoe!)

This one was a real Frankenstein!

See what I mean! The elusive 'Assortment Portrait Problem' persists.

Persistence is a curse.

Here's my 'latest' phase.

It's new, so I'm yet to decide on its name.

I may call it the 'Marble Corral' (textured base) provides friction and helps with hook angles.

It could also be 'Spinners in Stanchions', using tools to align components.

Anyways, it uses organization and symmetry (table rows and columns) on a textured white base.

Each spinners unique temperament is established by it's individual stance and balance - that cute 'alligator clip assisted' casual lean. LOL!


Here's an 'artsy' yet confusing modification of that theme, using image rotation.

The quest - it continues!

Feel free to comment if you see something that has an appeal.


WDSTK3 said...

The best of my pictures have to look up to see the bottom of what you think your worst might be. I gave up on a camera and use the scanner on my printer...still not good but a little better than my photos.

John Delaney said...

Thanks, guess you know the pain!
Interesting Idea, like a copier I guess? Are you doing any photo editing? Tracked down some of your pictures on your site. If you crop them to get rid of some of the white space, leaving a picture full of your spinner and then lower Brightness and up the contrast, it will sharpen them up. You'll be surprised with the improvement on a web page, IMO.

Congratulations on your new Webstore too! Nice looking spinners.

WDSTK3 said...

Thank you Sir! Yes, I do use a copier...a lady that makes jewelry told me that's how she photos her items. I'll try cropping the image, adjusting the brightness and contrast as you suggest and see how that goes.

Thanks again!

Fishing Tips said...

Those are awesome fishing lures. Very creative!

WDSTK3 said...

Thanks John! I tried what you suggested and the images are much,much better. I actually increased the brightness and contrast. Decreasing seemed to go backwards but you did provide me the starting point for moving ahead. Thanks!

John Delaney said...

You're right. Fish pics down, Spinners up. Crop to make them fill up picture. Sharpen too if you have that option. Each time you size down, sharpen. Happy holidays!