Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scale Magazine

I put a couple of these German guys in my Google+ circles after I got a look at one of their 'zine covers in my 'Stream' during my early days on the Google+ Social scene. (love that place!).

Here's the first of several cover images that blew me away.

Sent compliments of Hauke Barz

Something about that cover snuck up on me and sure grabbed my thoughts and attention. Who are these guys? There was just something about it that I identified with.

See that TrebleFly logo? Creativity in it's finest form.

I've subscribed, it's quarterly. Next publication is March 1st, 2012.

Incredible photography, art imagery, international fishing adventures, fish pinups, giveaways, screamin user interface, you name it.

I strongly recommend you subscribe and take a look!

I was lucky enough to win a logo T-shirt (the TrebleFly logo) in one of last summer's contests. Stay tuned for pictures!

Oh yeah, here's a link - Scale Magazine you may have to update Adobe, but its worth the experience.

You'll be back!

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Daniel said...

Cool zine, I like it a lot.