Friday, December 23, 2011

Fish Creek Spinners Most Valuable Players

Since my holiday shopping's complete and all the gifts are wrapped, I had some time to reflect on this year's stats and compile this post on spinner performance based on angler feedback from calls, emails, and pictures.

Each year, certain Fish Creek Spinners are responsible for more customer feedback then others.

A certain model and color returns positive results and more then one Angler in different waters, send me pictures, sometimes with a testimonial (otherwise, I'll make one up.. LOL - just kidding!)

Each weight class or category is represented; Large, Medium and Ultralite. All the spinners get results, these just stood out.

I put a link above each spinner to it's Web store model detail. The detail shows other color choices and for most spinners - the underwater hydrophone recording of the spinner. They're interesting, IMO, check them out. Sorry, no Hula spinner recordings yet.

Starting with the Fish Creek Spinners Large Category, large spinners and larger fish species.

This Green and Gold model wins MVP this year. Green transparent powder coat over nickel beads for a translucent glow. Gold friction discs and a Gold Super Willow blade. Hook Choices available. It's 4 inches in length.

These 1/3oz Metal Armadillo's have been around for three years and they're finally getting noticed. Popular in Montana for large Trout and Washington for Salmon.

1/3oz Metal Armadillos
Fish Creek Spinners F354 1/3oz Green and Gold Metal Armadillo
Although there weren't a lot of sales on the Skirted Hula Spinners, this one performed best in terms of feedback. Two 40+in Tiger Muskies hit this double Colorado bladed black spinner with a black silicon skirt.

The winner this year weighs 1oz - two #7 nickel Colorado blades - black faceted glass and powder coated black nickel bullet body separated by friction discs - black Silicon Starflash Skirt - Stacked #1/0 treble rides low in the skirt.

1oz Hula Spinners,
Fish Creek Spinners F275 1oz Black and Silver Hula Spinner

Here's some fish pictures from the large category spinners.

In the Medium weight category, my current favorite 'go to' trout fishing spinner (and I have a lot to choose from) is this 1/8oz Black and Gold Glass Armadillo. I fish mostly stream, river and wilderness ponds. Ben's in all waters and it's a 'must' for both. Anglers across the country agree. I strongly recommend it this MVP.

Fish Creek Spinners F103 1/8oz Black and Gold Glass Armadillo

The next spinner reaching notoriety is a 1/5oz Metal Armadillo. The smaller brother of the 1/3oz, it's been recognized in Denmark catching sea run trout and also in Colorado rivers on bigger Brown and Rainbow trout. Transparent Powder coated nickel beads with gold friction disc and a #4 Ridged Indiana blade. Noisy spinner, all the colors are producing. 

Fish Creek Spinners F312 Red and Gold 1/5oz Metal Armadillo

Here's a slideshow from the Medium Category spinners.

In the small spinners category, the nitromite keeps coming back year to year as a favorite for stream fishermen. This year it moved into lakes for Crappie as well. It's being requested by retailers based on their angler demand. The MVP is Gold and Fluorescent Green. Weighs 1/12oz. Small but attractive!

Fish Creek Spinners F652 1/12oz Fluor Green and Gold  Nitro Mite

Finally, the double blade Hot Rod is back again. This one in Red and Orange faceted glass separated by gold metal beads. The double blades on this one are a #1 gold willow and a #3 black Swing blade. 

Here's the slideshow of fish caught on the ultralite spinners. 

Always the optimist, it was a good year. We entered new species markets with a splash, got in a sales trip to Wisconsin and Michigan, gave away a lot of spinners through contests, and are still having fun! This blog is in it's tenth month and based on interest and traffic, across the world, we'll keep posting information about our journey and be here next year. 

Stop by and don't be afraid to comment, you might just influence a product design or get your own, like T!.

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