Friday, December 16, 2011

Bigger Armadillo's in Glass

Just finished out early production on the 1/4oz Glass Armadillo's. Had about 5 colors out for testing. Now we'll have more choices.

These are the biggest glass Armadillos so far at 1/4oz and 4inches in length. I've been calling them the Steelhead Armadillo's. Their metal cousin has been doing great on larger Salmon.

Few of my favorites. Check out the reflection on the undersides of these #5 Ridged Indiana Blades! Once that blade starts spinning, so do the faceted glass beads.

Spinners are resting on a piece of Colorado Marble I found hidding in the bushes while visiting the Mine in Marble Colorado. Same mine's marble that's in the Lincoln Memorial and other Washington D.C. monuments (per the mine information podium).

Here's a Picasa Slideshow of all the model's colors

1/4oz Glass Armadillo's

Also a link to the web store

Fish Creek Spinners 1/4oz Glass Armadillo's in Webstore


WDSTK3 said...

Absolutely stunning! I almost want to bite one myself!

Unknown said...
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