Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tiger Fish in your boat - Zimbabwe, Africa

The 2011 KITFT Tiger Fish tournament ended a month ago and I just received some pictures from a member of a tournament fishing team - Hamba Bamba Team A.

This is a followup trip report post.

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Pictures from a different continent intrigue me, especially wildlife and scenery photo's. These Africa pictures were especially interesting and I thought I'd share them.

Fish Creek Spinners had customer connection with this team. They purchased and agreed to test some custom spinners I made for the tournament.

I totally respect the preparation and dedication these anglers and other teams put into the tournament, it's a big deal. It lasted three days; three HOT 110+ Fahrenheit degrees in the South Africa sun and water reflection.

The team wanted to beef up underwater reflection using heliographic mirrors on the blades and I rushed my designs to get them something to test. I posted a slideshow of the prototypes back in October.

Africa is a long way to ship a package of spinners! Shipping costs were astounding to someone not accustomed to international orders.

Here's some pictures from the tournament - Thanks Kevin!

Long days, from the crack of dawn

Brim farming platforms - a  hangout for large Tiger Fish and water birds

Up before light
Nightly accommodations for the excited anglers - a Houseboat at 3am
To 6pm sunset

Lots to see, out on the water -
Fishing in Osprey waters - always a good sign
Add an Eagle
And an ever guilty Cormorant

Hippo's - now that puts a new twist in the line
KITFT fishing pressure and media coverage
2011 KITFT International Tournament - 300+ teams
Tiger Fish caught during pre-tournament FCS testing - check out the teeth on that fish!
White FCS Special Edition
One of the white ones caught the fish

The FCS spinners didn't do a well as I hoped during pre-tournament testing and the team opted to use some familiar German spinners for the tournament.

Bummer, they didn't make the cut.

The mirrors I added, didn't hold up in the water and Tiger Fish teeth.

I was worried about it; lesson learned.

Still, I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate and get FCS wet on new waters in another continent.

These guys added Africa, to Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Still need South America and Antarctica for the grand slam!

Lessons were learned, course corrections will be made, and relationships were established during the project that will persist.

Persistence is an FCS virtue.

Thanks to Team Hamba Bamba and Kevin (holding the Tiger Fish) for the pictures and support.

2012 is around the corner and a new year, Tiger Fishing continues on Lake Kariba!

High Five!

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