Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary OBN!

Happy Anniversary OBN!

Network... A thoughtful name for a loosely coupled collection of like minded outdoor writers.

Have you studied the logo? I have, it represents us and covers the bases - respect for all things outdoors.

Taking some liberty with an interpretation of each symbol -

Hiker - we enjoy spending time in the wilderness. We Hike and write.
Fish - we enjoy and adore Fish, their beauty, their secret hiding places. We Fish and write.
Canoe - we enjoy time 'on' the water, boating, canoeing, and kayaking. We boat and write.
Elk - we enjoy Animals, their cunning and affect on our senses. We search them out and write.
Tent - we enjoy camping, campfires in remote isolated areas or parks. We camp and write.

Blogging - we create persistent chronological records of our experiences and enjoy doing it!

Happy Anniversary and congratulations OBN!

It's founders had a dream and made it real. Not without a lot of effort I'm sure.

Good things come to those that wait, but only what's left!

Just looked at all the giveaway offers... Looks like there's gonna be a whole lot of going on. Break out the bubbly!

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